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Wet and Wild!

posted 24 Oct 2011, 14:27 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Conor Isdell)  
Now that got your attention. The heading has a lot to do with the spin on Sunday. Looking at the forecast the rain was coming in from the west and it was only a matter of time before it arrived in Mullingar. With the rugby final on as well numbers were a bit down even though looking over at the A group there appeared to be the makings of two A groups for them. With a few people needing to be back earlier than normal we picked a route with "turn-off" possibilities - one of our old regulars, Horseleap, Clara, Tullamore and home. A nice 50 miler at this time of year. About 5 riders turned in Horseleap to get back early while the remainder headed on to Clara. The rain has started at this stage and by the time we arrived in Tullamore there was a few cold bodies. Piping hot coffee/tea never tastes as good when you are freezing. With a shorter than normal stop so nobody got too cold we made our back via the shortest way possible, Kilbeggan and in direct with the chat moving onto hot showers, hot food and warm fires for the afternoon. We all arrived back safely feeling wet but satisfied on this wild day.

On a more serious note the club committee have decided that for the months of October through until March members are strongly requested to have a flashing rear light and a full length rear mudguard. This is a safety initiative designed so that riders will be seen by other road users and protect visibility of cyclists who are cycling behind others. Both Outdoor Escape and Tri and Run have been made aware of this initiative and are offering special deals on these products. So get yourself sorted, no excuses.

There is no such as bad weather just inappropriate clothing so get kitted out and get on that bike.
Billy Cunnane in action recently at the 2011 Club Hill Climb
Billy Cunnane in action recently at the 2011 Club Hill Climb