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Weekend Spins Roundup

posted 5 Oct 2010, 12:14 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Tom Carolan)
We’ve been blessed with some really decent late summer weather and so there was a chance to get in a few miles before winter closes in. I was delighted to see the turnout at ORS on Saturday morning, particularly to see the number of junior cyclists getting ready for action. Nice too to see Liam Whelan back after a visit to Malaysia (he claims to have been working but he was looking suspiciously well tanned!), and there were a few new faces making their Wheelers’ debuts – welcome along. Arthur Dempsey was in charge of the C group on Sunday and he was good enough to send in a few lines on their day out...
"On a fine October morning the “C” group was split into two groups Tom Carolan group leader of the faster group, and Arthur Dempsey group leader of the new members and the slower group. It was decided that all would meet in the bridge house in Tullamore for the usual coffee break and chat The fast group left two minutes before the slower group, both following the  Rochfortbridge, Rhode, Daingean, Tullamore route.

It was great to have so many new cyclists in our group, as some only started cycling last July. We also had some of the more experienced members with us and they were a great help in getting the newer cyclists and  give the correct instructions where there were potholes, people walking etc .this is so important when cycling in a group as the cyclists can’t see what’s up at the front.

We arrived at the Bridge House for coffee and met up with the other cyclists for the usual chat and craic. After the stop we headed back home via Rahugh, Tyrrellspass, Dalystown and on to the O.R.S. distance of 55 miles, this was probably one of the longest spin for some of the group cycled on a Sunday outing, so well done to all."
Thanks Arthur.
Not to be outdone, Conor Isdell reported back on his outing with the Killer B’s …
"We really have been lucky with the weather of late and signs were on it as a large contingent of wheelers congregated at the ORS. The B group had a nice neat 12 riders and with little wind about the route of Rochfortbridge, Rhode, Daingean, Tullamore Kilbeggan Tyrrellspass was chosen. Slowly but surely the winter pace is slowing down but only very gradually! We had a fairly not eventful trip over to Tullamore on fairly flat roads with everyone catching up with each other and sharing the local news. The A group has chosen the same route and were basking in the sun at the Topaz Filling Station with coffees and muffins in hand when we arrived. We chatted for a few minutes before we took their places in the sun as they whizzed off towards Mullingar. After a slightly longer rest stop than normal, that's what winter is about, we headed for home. Dan informed us that his young fella was playing in the minor county final at 1.30pm so a certain urgency took over. Then Martin O'Donnell started to leak. You might ask what has that got to do with cycling but Martin had a set of those tubeless tyres that are filled with sludge. When you have a puncture the sludge inside the tyre moves to seal it automatically. But a large shard of glass on the road meant that the sludge was spraying everywhere. I had never seen that happen before but unbelievably he made it the whole way back from Tullamore on a semi inflated tyre. We kept the pace steady and chatted the whole way home. All arrived home safely and another good day on the bike."