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Weekend Group Spin Roundup 13th May

posted 15 May 2012, 10:48 by Kevin Monaghan

Fresh Tar for the A group

The A group took on some new roads today and headed down to Ballymahon and on towards Lanesboro. About 4km from Lanesboro we took a left and onto quiet roads taking us past the tidy towns winning village of Newtowncashel. The next 10km were twisty and testing taking us to the Coke and 7-up stop in Foygh after 63kms. After the stop we headed across the junction and on towards the Keenagh road where we turned right and headed for Barry. After a few kilometres we crossed over the Edgeworthstown-Ballymahon road and later joined the main Ballymahon-Mullingar Road for the customary rattle up Skeagh Hill! With the fear of promised rain in the afternoon the pace was lively until we got to Mullingar.

See Sundays route at:

Group B Notes Sunday 13.05.2012
When you should be wondering what sun factor to be wearing, instead you have to figure out how many layers to wear. The forecast was to be for a moderate breeze from the south west and so for once I let the wind dictate the route. Straight forward enough on paper. It turned out to be one hell of a hard cycle for 50km of a strong head wind. Through Rochfortbridge, Tyrellspass, Rahuge and on to Tullamore where we stopped for a well-earned cuppa. We then headed for Clara and onto Moate, where we eventually had the wind behind us, rolling along at 45km/h. turning at Horseleap, the pace was held at a high tempo with some great work done by the group. Home in time to witness the maddest end to a soccer season in a good while.
Group C Report
What a windy day. We left ORS unsure of where we were heading, we finally decided on Tullamore, and it was tough going. We worked really well, and I would say that it was character building the way we worked as a team each person doing their bit, quick up and overs. When you get out on a day like that, it can often sicken you away from cycling for a while, but have spoken to some of our group this evening, there was a sense of achievement, and pride at the spin we had undertaken. We were happy to get home, tired and weary, but a good satisfaction for what we had done.(100 km) Our group was small today, some of our group have been sent  to negotiate some warm weather spins, with the hope that they could bring some warm, dry and not windy weather back on their return. The scone review was good this week. Clonmore House Tullamore may have edged in front of Kinnegad. The scone critic was not with us this week, so I hope that I have done him proud. On the tea stop, the conversation turned to our bikes, and where we keep them when we are not been blown around the road. There were some interesting places, notably “my kitchen”, “my bedroom”, and I think someone may have said they’re sitting room. Where do you keep yours? I would also like to mention and a big shout out to the new comers from the Sat group who are doing very well and progressing quiet well with each passing week. Well done ladies.
D Group Saturday, May 12th 2012

With a little chill still in the air but some nice sunshine to take the sting out of it, Saturday May 12th was the second week of the new D group spins. After a quick check of bikes and riding format, this week’s leaders, the two Cathy’s, (Flynn and O’Toole) took a group of 14 out on the road.

With the coffee stop high on the list of priorities as usual, Tyrellspass was the destination of choice so we headed out the N52 to Belvedere where the group turned Left and crossed to the Rochfortbridge road then Right to Dunboden where we turned to follow the back road to the Tidy Village.

This group has really settled into their cycling over the last few weeks and are all extremely comfortable in the peloton. Some of them will have lots of inside info as I saw Olive Bartley, Tina Buckley and Geraldine Kennedy (all well-established Wheeler names) to name a few who would not be short on advisors on cycling. One of them has even gone for the full colour coordination right down to the nail polish, so much so, that it was thought the club colours may have to be changed to.... PINK. Guess who??

On reaching The Castle we were all ready for the hot coffee and scones before we headed off for home via Lilliput and Ballinea. Back at ORS we had 50km clocked up with all very happy with their mornings work and by the sounds of it, next Saturday is already in the diary.

Well done to you all and make see you next week, same time same place.