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Weekend Group Cycles Update

posted 30 Apr 2012, 05:24 by Kevin Monaghan
Another busy weekend for the various groups.  Despite the blusterly conditions, numbes were high in all groups.  Great to see the D group up and running on Saturday mornings as well.  Here's a round-up of the weekend spins...
Group A Sunday 29/04/2012 (by Mark Monaghan)
Lough Crew
Waking up this morning (Sunday) and taking a look out the window I thought to myself that this could be a great day to start working on my tan-lines… How wrong was I! After getting changed and heading out the front door with new bike in tow only to be met by a strong North-Easterly wind, it was a swift return to the kit bag to dig out a few more layers! Upon arriving to ORS I was greeted by the now customary sea of yellow, blue & red.
After a quick confab with all the other lads in the group we decided to head north, into a very strong headwind, on to the rolling roads of Castlepollard and on towards Oldcastle. From Oldcastle we turned right which brought us to the biggest climb of the day, Lough Crew. One over the climb we had a quick regroup and continued on to Kells with a strong crosswind to help keep us alert, then it was on to Clonmellon for a well-deserved break with the wind firmly behind us now it was time to hit the “big ring” and we began to work extremely well as a unit and made it home in double quick time via Delvin & Cloughan with over 60 miles in the legs.

Group B Notes Sunday 29/04/2012 (by Eamon Hogan)
After a long weekend in the saddle last week, and what a great weekend it was too, and the summer league on Thursday evening bashing “the be God” out of already tired legs, still didn’t deter 45 members joining Group B this morning. 

The wind was gusting from the northeast, although it felt like in every direction there was a head wind.  The route brought us along the north roads of Westmeath.  From the ORS we headed out for Killucan, Raharney and onto Collinstown via Drumcree.  From there we headed for Fore and a tea stop in Castlepollard.  It has been a while since I have cycled with the faster B’s and what a super spin it was.  Well done to Paula Murray who cycled well within her comfort zone with the faster group.  From Castlepollard we turned at Coole and headed for Multyfarnham.  We decided to re-group at the Covert as we knew that Piggery Hill would split things up. The group stayed as one until the last push for home which made for an even more enjoyable spin.  

Middle B notes (by Carmel Dolan)
Despite the Spring Spin last week and the race league on Thursday night, there was a large gathering of B's at the ORS on Sunday morning. With the fast B's gone safely out the gate, Conor led the charges in the middle group and off we went into the wind in the direction of Killucan, Raharney and swinging left then headed ( still into the wind ) to Drumcree where the first visit from the puncture fairy happened. Indeed it was one of those days as she or probably HE decided to visit our group no less than 3 times today and to the same person twice even!!
After a not so quick tea stop in Castlepollard off we set again and still the wind seemed to swirl around us no matter what way we went. Coole was the next village and we turned left and headed across the bog to Multyfarnham where for a brief moment in time we seemed to have a slight tailwind or maybe it was because Mark Horohoe was at the front and thought he was in the A's and the pace increased but we certainly seemed to be moving faster. Into Multyfarnham and up Piggery and there was no way Conor Isdell was going to be beaten on his home ground and he made it to the top first but I believe he was caught eventually outside his own gate! I don’t know exactly what happened because I was too far behind everyone else to see what was going on. From the diving board onwards it was every man for himself (and one woman) and we all made it safely back to the ORS after a tough hilly spin but most enjoyable one none the less.

Group C Notes 29/04/12 (by Shane Corcoran)
If the oak is out before the ash then we are in for a splash, but if the ash is out before the oak we are in for a soak, whoever came up with that saying forgot about the wind. Having being battered last week en-route to Sligo by a strong head wind, you may have being forgiven to stay in club duvet a bit longer on this Sunday, but being dedicated to the cause, a large group of riders assembled in ORS. We were also joined by Fran, who on a quick chat along the road, she advised me that she had been out with the Sat beginners spin, and it was her first Sunday with the C group, and what a day to do so, welcome to the C,s Fran and well done today.
Anyway getting back to the spin it was decided to head towards Mother Hubbards via Killucan, Ballivor. We were bet from one side of the road to the other, but the group worked well, up and overs were quick and precise. Having reached Ballivor, we got a break as with the wind on our back the route was adjusted to a tea stop in Kinnegad. The scones were top class and a couple of people remarked on the nice coffee that was on offer. Anyway, we had a nice chat and into the wind again back home 45 miles on the clock, and some tired weary legs. Well done all.
D Group Notes 28/04/2012 (by Carmel Dolan)
We had our first outing of the new "D" group spin last Saturday morning the 28th. A nice bright morning greeted the 13 cyclists who turned up which was the ideal number as per our club protocols. Dermot and Muirna were on hand to take out the group this week and they set off in the direction of Rochfortbridge but detoured right at Simonstown and took in Gneevebawn from the lesser known back road side (but just as tough) and then headed to Tyrellspass and on to Kilbeggan with a tailwind and a tea stop at Lockes Distillery was the order of the day.
After a most enjoyable break, the group then headed into the wind towards Ballinagore and down the lovely lake road (as us locals call it) to Lilliput, Dysart and back to the ORS with 55 Km under their belt at an average speed of 22 Kmph. Well done everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again next Saturday morning and over the course of the summer.

This new D-group is the ideal next step for people who have just completed the Beginners Program. Other club riders are welcome to join this group but the D-group leaders will be ensuring that the pace and distance remains as per D-group guidelines below. Please only cycle with this group if you are happy with the guidelines.
Group name: D-Group
Meeting place: ORS Saturday mornings at 9:00am
Average speed: 22-25km/h
Typical spin distance: 50km to 60km
Leader: Yes (on rota basis)
Tea stop: Yes (sit down tea stop)