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Water Aplenty in Oldcastle Cyclo-Cross Sportive

posted 1 Jan 2016, 14:07 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 1 Jan 2016, 14:31 ]
(By Mark Monaghan - 31st December 2015)   
On Wednesday 30th December, a large group of Wheelers took to the road to visit our neighbours TC Racing for their 2nd annual Adventure X cyclo-cross sportive. "What is a cyclo-cross sportive?", I hear you ask. Well it’s like a sportive but it takes in various different terrains such as Road, gravel paths, grass routes, forest tracks, oh and on Wednesday last a lot of water! The best mode of transport for the day was either a cyclo-cross bike or a mountain bike.

Mark Monaghan and Karl Gibney at the Oldcastle event
Mark Monaghan and Karl Moran at the Oldcastle event

With two events to choose from on the day, 50km or 75km, the groups were split pretty evenly with Lakeside Wheelers represented well in both groups. Yours truly took the right option and stuck to the 50km option. The route threw up a number of different obstacles, the first being the road between Oldcastle and Fore, which is hard enough on road tyres let a lone being on knobbly off-road tyres. Upon arrival in Fore we were directed up a hill into a forest for our first off-road section of the day (there was an earlier section but my group missed that turn off!). Under very wet conditions we all made it through unscathed.  

Billy sorts out the puncture fairy
One of the "puddles" encountered.Out of the forest and onto the nearest puddle to clean the bikes, we were off to find our next piece of the adventure. Needless to say they came thick and fast with gravel roads up and down hills and roads even a tractor would have difficulty getting through we peddled on with great camaraderie and banter. The puncture fairy was never too far away as one can imagine with our group of riders getting no fewer than 5 punctures  and yours truly getting two at the same time! The main talking point of the day was the amount of “puddles“ we encountered throughout the spin was incredible but not one of us was deterred and carried on through them with the water up to our knees and higher at times. 

It was one of the best days on the bike I’ve had in a long long time. Well done to all the Wheelers who braved the conditions and hats off to Tom Clogher and all the gang in TC Racing for a brilliantly run event. The coffee cakes and sandwiches were a God-send.