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Up and Coming Junior Eoin Lynch Talks to Sarah

posted 18 Oct 2011, 06:32 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 18 Oct 2011, 09:11 ]
This week I have been talking to our up and coming Junior Eoin Lynch about what he has achieved so far and the plan for the future… We also have a report form Karl Moran about the latest Duathlon which various Lakeside Wheelers have been competing in.

So Eoin when did you officially become a Lakeside Wheeler and why?

I got a road bike and decided that cycling in a group was going to be more fun than on my own, my Aunt was already in the club so I joined up. I started with the junior Saturday morning spins and went to most training sessions from there.

What is it about cycling that you really enjoy

Well of course the speed when the bunch is going flat out! You never know whats coming next in a race, everyone is looking round to see who is going to make the next move.

You are really quite new to the sport and I’m sure you have a great career ahead of you, but what is your biggest achievement so far?

The hill climb a couple of weeks ago was great (Eoin finished in 4th place overall beating some of the clubs strongest riders). I also finished 3rd in one the Midland league races, the group went for the sprint a bit early so I just got into TT mode and caught them before the line.

What are your plans for 2012 and beyond?

I want to train right for the season next year, I need to get a lot of experience before I’m really ready! So yes lots of races, I’m an A4 next year so it will be great to have people like Ken Berry to learn from.

So your goals beyond 2012?

Well I want to race in the Junior tour of Ireland a some stage, Ballinarobe sounds like great fun and manageable so that is something I would like to try soon. The Criterium race in town again of course that was great fun!!

Who inspires you to ride fast from the club and also from the Pro peloton?

Fabien Cancellara of course he just works so hard at the front and doesn’t give up. Philip Gilbert is amazing to watch! There are so many form the club that have helped me along the way Robbie is a great cyclist and has done a lot for me, Stuey has been great too coming along on training spins and lots of advice along the way.

What would you say to someone your age thinking about cycling as a sport?

Go for it, it may not seem that great at first but when you get into it it really is great fun! The speed of racing is fun!!

Anything you would like to add Eoin?

Thank you to all those in the club that have helped, Robbie, Stuey, Mark Monaghan, Mick Reynolds, Paddy and Aaron Ronan for all the lifts! Oh and my Mum and Dad of course, they have already driven me around lots and I’m sure I will be needing their help in the future!!

Thank you Eoin…