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Turkey Trot Sat. 27th December

posted 22 Dec 2014, 08:55 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 28 Dec 2014, 14:48 ]
(By Kevin Monaghan Sat. 27th Dec.)   
The Annual club  Christmas outing, better known as the "Turkey Trot", took place earlier today.  Despite the cocktail of weather conditions last night with early frost followed by rain during the night and more frost at dawn, over seventy riders made their way to the ORS car park for the calorie-neutral (whatever the hell that means) spin to Tyrrellspass and back.

Thankfully the gritting crew had been on the job early and as usual had the N52 in perfect condition for cycling.  The seventy plus peleton made their way out of the carpark onto the road in one long serpentine line of blue, yellow and red and made their way into the morning sunshine away from a wintry shower that threatened to put a damper on the festive pedallers.  The rain passed and even the early mechanicals at the Russellstown roundabout didn't spoil the mood, although the chase back on prompted the victim to remark that they'd never seen their computer register 28km going up the hill under the Rochfortbridge road before!

Despite everyone sticking together at a very leisurely pace, it wasn't too long before the group found itself in Tyrrellspass where the good folks at The Grocery, having been forewarned about the headcount by Gerry, were ready and waiting with hot tea and coffee, copious amounts of scones and mince pies and other slightly stronger beverages for those feeling the chill.  The atmosphere was very seasonal in the lovely surroundings of the newly opened function room, so much so that it was hard to drag yourself back out into the outdoors for the return leg.  However, the cyclists were ushered out for an impromptu group photo, taken from a vantage point usually used by Wheelers during warmer weather cycles.

The official return leg was back in along the N52, although some decided to take a longer route by either headiong west for KIlbeggan or east across Gneevebawn (nosebleed territory at this tie of year!) while the remainder, more sane and civilised folk, took the path of least resistance by to the ORS.

A great morning's cycling and socialising was had by all.  Happy New Year to everyone.

All together at The Grocery on the 2014 Turkey Trot
All together at The Grocery on the 2014 Turkey Trot ( more pictures HERE )