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Tough Conditions Hearld the Onset of Days to Come

posted 19 Sept 2016, 02:13 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 19 Sept 2016, 02:27 ]
(By Shay O'Toole - Sun. 18th September 2016)   
On Sunday morning the hardy souls who turned up for the weekly jaunt were well and truly drowned in the heavy rain showers that appeared just as the groups left base. The B group led by Bob O’Ceallaigh headed for Killare and turned left for Streamstown with the intention of going to Moate for the coffee. However, with several riders feeling cold and dreary from the effects of the heavy rain some of the group headed for home from Streamstown with a slightly reduced number choosing to cycle onwards. As there was no let-up in the wet conditions further along the road this remaining group decided to forego the normal break and returned home prematurely along the Greenway. 

Winter Cycling Approaching
Full size mudguards
With the colder, shorter days just around the corner the conditions mentioned above are most likely going to be the story for the next few months. So, what better time to think about winter cycling requirements?

The club winter rules come into play from the start of October which means that rear mudguards (not “Ass Protectors”), front and rear lights, and good quality clothing with hi-viz markings if possible, will be the order of the day…and night for all club spins. If you have not already purchased club gear then this is an ideal time to do so as the club kit is highly visible.

There is nothing worse on a group ride than to be riding behind a wheel with either no mudguard or an incorrectly fitted one so, please consider your fellow group members. 

By the same token, there is an onus on all riders to be adequately kitted out with warm clothing to keep hypothermia at bay. This may sound a little OTT but it has occurred in the past so, if you are unsure just ask any of the more seasoned members for advice or, I’m sure any of the local bike shops will be glad to help out with winter clothing issues.

Lastly, but of equal importance is your bike. If you have a winter bike racked in the garage since last May then now is the time to check it and make sure it is roadworthy for the coming season. A full clean and service is probably the best way to ensure everything is in working order. This will help to ensure that the tyres, brakes, gears etc are all in top shape.