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To Hell or The Blooms - Sun 29th January

posted 6 Feb 2012, 14:23 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Mark Horohoe)  
Some of the Dozen "Bloomers"
As week 4 of Base 3 training phase in the A-group approached there were suggestions that maybe a trip to the Sliabh Blooms would be the ideal place to finish of what was four very solid weeks of strength and endurance training. When discussing the prospect of our trip on the Sunday club spin the week previous we concluded that as there was a risk of frost mid week we should pencil in the spin and check the forecast again closer to the weekend. After checking the forecast it was apparent that the frost would not be an issue it was decided it was full speed ahead for the trip.

The rain pelting the window on Saturday night did not deter 12 riders making the trip. The rain eased a little as we tackled the cut from Clonaslee. After the steady 7km climb to the top we were all well warmed up so after a quick stop to put on rain jackets for the decent we headed for the Wolftrap which has the challenge of variations changes in gradient which upset your pedalling rhythm. We descended the Wolftrap down to Kinnity where a marathon puncture fixing session ensued following a mine field type twenty meters of road near the bottom. But it was good to get so many punctured completed in one stop and out of the way!

The plan had been to climb the Glendine, which people who have ridden before know is very steep on one side with “goodish” surface and longer but shallower climb on the other side with a poor surface, but as conditions were not improving it was decided to go back the way we came. Ascending the Wolftrap from Kinnity we had the opportunity to appreciate the newly resurfaced middle section of the climb. While I don’t know if we climbed the hill any faster the smooth finish, apart from the rain, made it feel like we were ascending an alpine pass in the southeast of France.

A final assent of the Cut followed and then back to Clonaslee where superman like changing from wet gear to dry clothes took place. Despite the overall spin length being shortened because of the weather conditions all seemed satisfied to get 4 good climb completed, especially when many there were so close to staying bed earlier in the morning!

Well done to the dozen who made the trip and also to Richie Farrell from the “Team 9:05” club in Edenderry for his company. Richie joined us for the spin and explained the reason for their unusual club name. Richie, who many will know from the Midland League events, told us the story of how his club in their formation meeting had difficult choosing a club name. Ritchie detailed how one of the suggestions from the floor was that as the club meeting time was 9:00am on a Sunday morning but that it was always 9:05 before people arrived that the club name could be “9:05” club. The name was duly adopted. There were some suggestions of A group members, before becoming reformed characters, would have warranted a 9:15 or even 9:25 in some cases so bad so bad was their time keeping.
On Top Of The Cut
On Top Of The Cut