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Dolan Dash a Bank Holiday Smash

posted 28 Jul 2013, 13:34 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 11 Aug 2013, 06:00 ]

(By Mark Monaghan)   
Lakeside Wheelers, in conjunction with The Gathering Joe Dolan International Bachelor Festival, held a new fun event on Bank Holiday Sunday (August 4th).   Almost fifty Lakeside Wheelers and other Midland League club riders took part in the morning's proceedings in various categories including masters, ladies, underage and men.   

Battling it out on Joe Dolan bridgeThe event consisted of a drag-race type competition with riders being pitched against each other in pairs. The first round was to be a timed round, which helped us break up the groups into their respective grades. Starting at the southern end of the Joe Dolan Bridge each drag race involved a 500 metre dash to the other end of the bridge with one rider in each lane with the winner progressing to the next round. Subsequent rounds continued until there were just two remaining for the final dash.

First off was the underage riders who put in some fantastic times and great competitions. Aaron Wade took first place in the under 12 category with Jack Cunnane in second & Liam Moran in third. In the very competitive under 16 event there was some excellent times posted and the final came down to two of the in form riders of late, David Boyne versus Conor Canton. Well done to David who just managed to pip Conor and take first place.

In the battle to be crowned Queen of the bridge, we had four ladies who wanted to throw their names into the hat Liz Hoctor, Cathy O’Toole, Louise McCarra & Muirna Walsh. After two hard rounds of racing the final came down to a head to head of Louise McCarra versus Muirna Walsh with Louise taking the title. 

Next up was the turn of, I hope this is politically correct, the Masters! Again we had four riders in the competition, Joe Duffy, Frank Darcy, Martin Eighan & Tom Clogher from neighboring club TC Racing in Oldcastle. With two qualifying rounds in their legs already the final came down to a club v club head to head with Joe Duffy representing LSW and Tom Clogher representing TC Racing with Joe taking the victory in fine style. 

Next up we had the senior men’s event. With a total of 28 taking part in the event we divided the group into different categories depending on their qualifying times, (A,B,C & D) which ensured that all riders  got at least two runs on the bridge. There were some very close calls, with no more than a tyre width separating some of the sprints until we reached the final two of each category. In the D ride off Pearse Corroon took the title, while in the C David Casserly outwitted Ronan Bracken. In the B ride off we had another club v club situation with Brian Collentine taking the victory from Trevor Reilly from TC Racing. The last final of the morning was the A ride off with two of the clubs best sprinters going head to head. In lane one, we had Tosh Kiernan, sporting his very own unique skin suit, versus Conor Hughes in Lane two. The two lads put in a great ride after two very closely fought out semi final wins over Billy Cunnane & Stephen Corroon respectively, with Conor taking the title. 

The last event of the day was to be a team time trial with the winners to be decided by the team who got the fastest time on the day. Well done to Stephen & Pearse Corroon & Roy Carey on taking the team event by beating the ahem…Junior team of Thomas Kilmurray, David Boyne & super junior Mick Reynolds into second place!

Well done to everyone who took part and a special thank you to all those who helped me out on the morning. I would also like to thank Steve Franzoni from Outdoor Escape for sponsoring some of the prizes & also to Ed Tyrell from Grange Motors for sponsoring the goodies and for the use of his van all morning.  It was a great morning's cycling and certainly something that can be built on the coming years.

Almost too close to call - Tosh Kiernan pips Billy Cunnane in the semi-final.
Almost too close to call - Tosh Kiernan (in his custom made skinsuit!) pips Billy Cunnane in the semi-final.