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Sunday Spins suffer yet again due to bad forecast

posted 21 Jan 2013, 09:10 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 21 Jan 2013, 12:26 ]
(By Mark Monaghan)  
Without trying to sound like a broken record, old Jack Frost yet again dictated our lack of Sunday spins for a second week. With Met Eireann indicating that temperatures were to plummet to minus five over night and early on Sunday morning, the group leaders took the decision on Saturday evening to cancel all official spins for Sunday. These calls are hard to make but are necessary to make to ensure that rider safety is upheld at all times.

As luck would have it I had recently purchased a new cross country bike to use as a winter bike and for a little off-road use along the canal line. After a couple of text messages and phone calls and a flurry of activity to get wheels and pedals changed for off road use ,thanks to Steve Franzoni, I had arranged to meet a few more hardy bucks on Sunday to take my new steed on its maiden voyage a long the banks on the  royal canal. When I woke on Sunday morning like many others I quickly realised that Jean Byrne had got it wrong yet again, after a few more texts and calls we had decided to take a road trip to Moate and back sticking to the new N52 and the N6 where the gritters had done there job & the roads were in great condition.
It turned out to be a great morning for a spin with little wind until we turned in Moate that is! As we were pulling into Kilbeggan we decided that it would be a great time for a coffee and scone so we hit Lockes Distillery for our refreshments. It was extremely hard to drag ourselves away from the open fire but we just about managed to get back onto the bikes for our return trip home.
That saddle is just too low!
As we headed into Rochfortbridge three of us had to head for home leaving the two other hardy souls to continue on to Kinnegad in an effort to increase their overall hours for the week! When I had left my other two compatriots I began to notice I was having an issue with my bike, I realised I was getting a lot closer to the ground! Somehow my seat post had become loose and I was slowly making my way down to the crossbar, as I had forgotten to bring any tools with me and this made for a very uncomfortable last few miles of my otherwise great spin.