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Successful Week on Tour for Wheelers

posted 28 Jun 2010, 02:02 by Kevin Monaghan
This week we see yet another example of Lakeside Wheelers members being ever ready to step up to the plate for the good of the club. Sylvia Corcoran a relatively new member, very kindly agreed to put pen to paper or, in reality, finger to keyboard and compile a piece for the weekly notes as Tom was out of the country and not available to script his fortnightly prose. The following is an account of Sylvia’s experience with the Saturday morning group...

On Saturday morning a big group of Wheelers assembled for our Saturday morning spin. We are known as the Beginners’ Group but I am starting to think that we might have to change our name as it doesn’t thoroughly reflect the level of persistence, stamina and general determination that characterises our little trips. I might add that the persistence, stamina and general determination often has more to do with others trying to keep me from being left behind rather than anything else but how and ever.

Saturday’s group was mixed ability including a couple of new people and as any teacher knows, mixed ability is better for all but takes a little bit more organisation. So whilst we waited for the rain to abate, the various levels of ability, weaknesses, and hours of sleep achieved by cyclists were discussed alongside subtle references to debauchery as people were assigned to their groups.

We all set off for Kilbeggan and despite the rain we took up to be what I thought was a ferocious pace! When I sat down to write this I couldn’t remember any part of the trip before we got to Kilbeggan so we must have been going pretty fast! At Kilbeggan there was no more messing and the group was divided further into Higher and Ordinary Levels. This description is actually very accurate. The Ordinary Level was just that. We were cyclists and were cycling, nice flat road, keeping going – lovely! The other poor devils, well I don’t really know what they were doing but when they got their breath back talked about hills and looked fairly wrecked! That will be the Higher Level for you. More challenging you see… During the tea, we heard a little bit about the trip to the Beara Peninsula and a lot about a waitress called Maisie. I don’t know what she was pedalling but she seemed to be good at it!

On the way back I threatened to push someone into the ditch as the trip was too pleasant and I knew that I would have to write a few notes. It’s always easier to write if things get drastic but I am sorry to say that aside from me keeping the average speed down everything went very well. Even the new people were brilliant; they were devils to go and by the looks of things won’t be in the Beginners’ Group for long.

Thanks for that Sylvia and hopefully we will hear more from your exploits with the Saturday and maybe even the Sunday group very soon.  No doubt, you don’t need me to remind you how fast the year is moving on which means we are fast approaching some very important dates on the calendar. July 18th is the D-Day for Tour of the Lakes and I will be giving an update in next week’s notes. However, July 10 and 11 are looming on the horizon for our race director, Joe Duffy and his band of merry men who from this week on will be very busy organising the Expert sponsored 2-day race. Yes, I know we are just over the Criterium and Bike Week and the Turbo challenge and the Cycling Ireland reception and a lot was asked of members throughout these events but as the saying goes “A rolling stone gathers no moss” so it is onwards and upwards for the club and it is events like these that will keep Lakeside Wheelers to the fore in cycling in Ireland.  Over the next few days we will be contacting people to give a hand with various aspects of the race organisation and we hope where possible you will be able to assist. In relation to the 2010 Tour of the Lakes it was decided at committee level that the racing Wheelers would be returning the favour to the leisure Wheelers by marshalling on July 18th. 

Racing Updates
Our racing team are still powering on and achieving great results all over the country which is a fantastic development for the club and giving us a noticeable profile at many of the top amateur events. Last Wednesday Mark O’Hara continued his amazing roll with a 4th place in the Stephen Roche Criterium in Dundrum. Mark was only a roll of a wheel away from the winner, Mick Reddan who was 3rd in the A1/A2 category race in our own crit a week ago, so this is an indication as to the talent that Mark has.

Another Wheeler on a roll is Wendy Bates who went to Sligo last Friday for the Ladies National Championships and came home in a superb 4th place behind a very talented full time athlete, so well done Wendy. We were also represented in this race by Sarah Franzoni who finished 8th leaving us with two in the top ten. This was yet another fabulous performance by our ladies. 

Great Win For John Muray in Galway
On Saturday the Galway Bay club hosted another Criterium and who popped up to claim a well deserved 1st place only John Murray. John has been knocking on the door at several events already this year and took 2nd in Stamullen so the hard work is paying off and this victory was well deserved.
With results like these, it is very promising in the weeks leading up to our own 2-day spectacle and wouldn’t it be fantastic to be presenting one of our own with the Orange Jersey!!!!

The club would like to extend condolences to Barry Carr on the untimely death of his sister, Brenda. May she rest in peace.