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Stormy Conditions Play Havoc With Club Spins

posted 7 Jan 2014, 15:05 by Kevin Monaghan
Weather Warning
With the weather turning against us again this weekend, a call was made, on safety grounds to cancel all Club Sunday Spins. The winds were particularly high and were a cause for concern for cyclists. The good news (according to Countryfile on BBC) is that the weather will improve by next weekend. Although the "D" group was also a casualty of the weather on Saturday, this time due to frost, there were many cyclists on the road. Hope you managed to get out at some stage.
Group Weather Report (4/1/14) by Brian Collentine
After a few weeks of Saturday morning cancellations we hoped today was to be the day we hit the open road once more.  Sadly it was not to be.  Four eager cyclists including myself turned up at ORS for the Saturday morning pre-cycle inspection.  The roads looked funny enough relatively OK.  However with temperatures of 0 Degrees, a warning on the radio of black ice and the fact the ORS vans were still covered in ice we weighed up the odds and we decided it best not to risk this one.  At least we are all in one piece to cycle another day.   We cross our fingers for next week for better weather.
"All Other Groups!" by Shane Corcoran 
Well the weather paid havoc with the weekends' cycling again.   A quick review of the information super highway showed that the will to cycle was there but, circumstances prevented any activity. Our friends from Rochfordbridge made a brave effort on Sat, but had to give way to tea and scones in the castle, a short spin no doubt. After a lot of careful consultation and rider safety in mind, it was decided that the official club spin on Sunday would not go ahead.

Now, back to the information super highway, there was the hint that a few guys would head down the canal just for an hour or 2.  I decided that 3 weeks not being on the bike was to long, and that I needed a spin. I committed to go. 8 o clock on Sunday morning, up an at them, it was slightly dark, no frost that I could see, bit of a breeze, but could handle that.  Fired up the microwave, 2 minute porridge with surf seeds and honey, slice of wholemeal toast, mug of gold blend later and the heavens opened, and the rain was coming down in buckets.

Going back to committed bit, I should have been for what happened next. Down to the canal, 2 souls were waiting, one on the way. We decided to head out toward Mary Lynches, that was too much for one who went home with a puncture, which seemed a bit convenient. The pace was steady into a strong head wind, it was cold and miserable, but good to be out and on the bike which made it better.

Lets hope that these storms pass and let us get back to our normal Sunday spins.