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Sprocket Rocket Takes Off

posted 26 Jun 2012, 09:41 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 26 Jun 2012, 09:45 ]
Without any hint of exaggeration the Rockets last Monday (June 4th) night were the best I've ever seen. It also must be said I have not seen a lot but I do know NASA and the Russian equivalent have produced a few in their time however I cannot imagine they having the quality of braking or balance as our Rockets.
I would also like to congratulate our coaches for managing their stress levels so admirably some of whom are experienced some very experienced and some who have absolutely no experience. For first timers it was daunting to see the semi-organised mayhem that is 200 Rockets without any tracking devices whatsoever, on bikes. Anyway it’s a well-known fact you’re shown no mercy in Lakeside Wheelers, especially if you get a chance to ride in the adult A group. As the man says "go hard or go home"
Sprocket Rocket 2012 Monday June 11th
What is it about cycling?  It's perverse. We're not satisfied unless in acute pain, elated when in a state of paralysis on the couch from a tough bike ride and we're engrossed in speed: average and maximum... and then we have the audacity to expect our Rockets to behave differently. Not a chance. Last Monday evening as soon as they saw a straight stretch of tarmac it was like a short cut to the moon. Tough luck Bill Cullen one of our Rockets will be in space before you.

One young man is taking this rocket analogy so serious he has fitted an exhaust to his bike. It worked; he was virtually unstoppable all night. I expect someone to turn up in a Buzz Light-year costume shortly. I have a clatter of photos from the Canal Spin taken by Joe Duffy on a "cloud" facility called Drop Box. I hope to put these on our website shortly.

Anyway, to infinity, beyond and next Sunday. We again are asked to launch the closing ceremony of National Bike/Destination Sports Week. The plan is to give our Rockets the chance to pedal furiously and safely around the town for half an hour’ish on closed roads and cheered on by the many people we hope will turn out. We had a great day last year, possibly one of the best events we had. The weather forecast is to be a scorcher in Irish weather terms so if you’re not tied up elsewhere me thinks it’s a great way to spend the Sunday. Cycling and eating ice-cream.
Sprocket Rocket 2012 Takes Off
Sprocket Rocket 2012 Takes Off