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Sprocket Rocket 2012

posted 1 Oct 2012, 08:52 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Robbie Kenny)   
We are indebted to Fr.Connell of St.Finians. Without a shadow of doubt we would not be able to run SR without his co-operation and fantastic grounds. If it was any other venue we would have to cap numbers and turn a possible Tour de France winner away. It makes our job easier.

To Cycling Ireland, thank you for giving us the insurance and assurance that it was ok to allow 220 rockets sign up. Thank you for keeping the membership fee incredibly reasonable and more of the same next year please. It makes it easier for more kids to cycle.

As an adult way of thinking I feel we never really got going this year. The summer was deplorable. We never got the consistency in weather to coach what we wanted to resulting in some compromising and dynamic thinking on a Monday night. But maybe that's not the way a Rocket thinks maybe they don't give a hoot once they are on their bike hammering away for an hour and the more they cycle the better they get at their braking, pedalling, cornering and handling. Because of my aging years I can’t remember what it is to think like a Rocket.

I also can't remember one incident or accident all summer long. All Rockets were superb in their behaviour, manners, discipline and cycling. It makes our job so much more enjoyable.

As a Parent I know the effort that is required to pile bikes up on a bike rack, into the boot or the back of the van and then it's a bigger effort to get the Rockets in. Harriers on Tuesday, football on Wednesday and a party on Thursday. For that effort we sincerely thank all Parents for their contribution in making this our most successful SR. We appreciate you staying on site for the hour marshalling a corner, running alongside one of the stabiliser gang or simply watching your own Rocket. It makes our job so much easier.

To all the Coaches, your assistance was immense all summer long. All those Monday afternoons when texts were flying back and forth: will we call it off? What will we do tonight? What are the pitches like there this evening Muirna? No more till next June. It makes our phone bill so much easier to pay.

I know from the chat going home on Monday evenings that new friends were made and old ones re-acquainted. I presume it was the same in all cars?

Until 2013........................Riding your bike never gets easier, you just go faster.