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Ryan & James on the Lakeside Wheelers Underage Scene

posted 21 Dec 2010, 13:44 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 30 Dec 2010, 15:55 ]
(by Sarah Piner)
I spoke to a couple of our up and coming underage cyclists when the race was over, Ryan Sheridan and James Murphy (both 12) to see what they had been up to on the their bikes in 2010 and what they had planned for 2011.

Ryan Sheridan

When did you start cycling and complete your first event? – I did a Mountain bike race in Douce (Dublin mountain bike trail) which was hard work and then the races in Dysart. The first one we had to go off with the seniors and we couldn’t keep up but I did finish ahead of most of the other juniors so that was fun! I did both Mountain bike races this winter so far, coming 3rd in both.
So you like Mtb and Road racing? – Yes I like both but there is something about the road I really like I think it’s the speed!

And 2011 what cycling have you planned? –Keep training on the Saturdays with the team and my Dad (Charlie Sheridan) and do some more races. So your Dad started your interest in cycling, who else inspires you to ride? – Yes my Dad got me cycling and in the club Mark O’Hara and Damien Shaw are really good. I hope one day we can go racing with them. Lance Armstrong and Greg Lemond are really good too!

So what would you say to any other children thinking about cycling? – Give it a go its great fun, join the Wheelers and ride hard!

James Murphy

Tell me about starting cycling? – At first I found it quite hard but I just kept going and I started improving and then people in the club said I was getting better. It was my dad who got me
interested in the first place.

What was your first event? – The race out in Dysart. It was really good and I won the sprint against some of the older boys, it was a good sprint!

It looks like you have a good team then for next year and can train together? – Yes, me, Shane, Evan and Ryan can ride together and Ryan’s dad is going to train us and pick some races we can go
to next year.

Who do you look up to in the Wheelers and Internationally? – Steven Franzoni in the club he wins most of the sprints and Lance Armstrong and Contador.

Lastly what’s the best about being in the club and what would you say to someone new? – It’s great fun and you make loads of friends and can be part of a good team. Road racing is fast and fun
to do.

Thank you to James and Ryan for giving us a look at the future of Lakeside Wheelers. It’s nice to see that like the clubs senior team they to look forward to training together and building a team which I think is why we are one the most successful clubs in Ireland.