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Robbie Makes it into Cycling Weekly

posted 28 Apr 2011, 04:46 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 30 Apr 2011, 09:49 ]
Following their exploits in the Tour of Flanders Sportive, it seems The lakeside Wheelers team came to the attention of Edward Pickering, Deputy Editor with Cycling Weekly.  Having approached Robbie and with Robbie duly obliging with a few words, the 21st April edition of Cycling Weekly carries a piece by Robbie on his experiences in this year's Ronde.  Here's what the article contains...
"Iconic is the word best used to describe my experience of the Ronde sportive. My memories of the day actually began the evening before when I and 17 of my club mates climbed The Muur and Bosberg a few times and then sat outside the bar halfway up the Muur recovering on Maatentart and Frijtes accompanied with copious amounts of Leffe Blonde. Not ideal preparation for the next day but when in Flanders you do as the Flandrians do!
The cobbles themselves truly are an experience. They are hard to describe but numbness and pins and needles go some way. For the first two stretches I had some sympathy for my bike but after that I took it in the head to either ride them hard or ride home. I rode them not quite like Fabian but I and my club buddy Charlie rode them without putting a foot down thanks to some of our own made up Flemish and German expletives on the climbs. That was something we were proud of (not the language, our climbing abilities). Afterwards it was back for more of the same iconic Belgian post race nutrition."
Well done Robbie - great profile for the Club and who knows - maybe a career in sports journalism to follow!