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Revised Training Plans for 2011

posted 26 Oct 2010, 09:57 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 26 Oct 2010, 10:03 ]
Following a successful year for the club in 2010 there are many people with plans to compete in races and Sportives in 2011. To help give people the knowledge of the principles of training the club ran a successful club training day with Aiden Hammond. Last year Robbie Kenny, Dave Fagan, Steve Franzoni and Mark Horohoe put together a Typical Training plan for the “Base Training” period of an annual training plan for a Senior A3 racer. This plan was also used as a guide for A group Sunday spins over the winter 2009. The plan has been reviewed for 2011 with some small tweaks. The plan is attached and includes a blank plan if you want to use the template to do your own plan. The training plan starts Monday November 1st.
Some points to note:
  • As with all training plans you should consult your doctor before beginning any of the training on this plan.
  • An annual training plan for racing is made up of a number of periods. Base (Build general endurance, strength, and bike skills), Build, Peak and race phases. For the moment this plan looks at the base phase.
  • When training with a intense plan like this you should take a rest week after 4 weeks of training. (Older riders or more novice riders may improve more by taking a rest week after 3 weeks of training.)
  • A rest week is not a week off the bike but a week with a reduction in both the duration of sessions and the intensity of those sessions.
  • Keep a training diary. Record training data such as date, time of day, duration, average speed, average cadence, average heart rate, how you felt and the type of training you did. - Its important to stick to any plan you layout but if your not feeling well during a spin this can sometimes be a sign that you are fatigued and you need to ease back on the training load.
  • This 10 week plan includes a plan for Sunday A-Group Club spins during this period and there are some points to note:
  • For some spins, especially where the plan is to go ride on hills, wind direction will not be a deciding factor in route
  • selection.
  • We should all be self-sufficient for food and water for the complete ride (2 Bottles + food). Eat and drink small amounts often.
  • The target group size may be smaller, approximately 8 – 10 riders, which may necessitate a number of smaller groups going in the same direction with a small gap between.
  • A-Group leader will divide people into groups of equal abilities to ensure the best training for you and the group you are with. Please don’t be offended if you are asked to join a different group as it may be needed to be done to ensure a smooth group pace or balance group sizes. - Do no more than 2 minutes at the front setting the pace.
  • Be prepared for structured group work.
  • Please note for the next 2 months the pace of the endurance spins should be steady with a focus on building endurance and strength, to do this the pace should be steady and the “race for home” should be kept to 5km.
  • The Sunday spin is best for building endurance and strength. Individual specific efforts outside this should not upset the groups pace.
“Turbo training sessions from the Tacx website attached. These are sessions suitable for the base training period.”
Kevin Monaghan,
26 Oct 2010, 10:02