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News Roundup After Another Disrupted Weekend

posted 6 Feb 2011, 10:58 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 6 Feb 2011, 11:07 ]
With the official arrival of spring during the week you would think that all the cancellations were behind us, however, we awoke to torrential rains on Sunday morning and it was inevitable that the main weekly spin would have to be cancelled. Frustrating, because if it’s not frost, snow or rain we just don’t seem to be getting a consistent run on the roads of late but I suppose that’s the joys of outdoor sports pursuits. Roll on the heat waves!!
For the record, my sources tell me that up to nine Wheelers did “brave” (not sure if that word is suitable) the rain storm and cycled to Longford and back on Sunday. Those of us with a small bit more grey matter, did a very testing turbo session for two and a half hours and thanks to Craig for his instruction.

Membership Renewal
Once again, many thanks to all of you who turned up for our 2nd membership renewal night last Thursday. This will be the last night we will be running and our records show that almost 80 people have still to join up. If you are one of these people, and intend joining again in 2011, the committee would ask that you please do so ASAP as from February 18th your membership will be deleted and as a consequence you will no longer be insured to ride on club spins. The club secretary Carmel Buckley will be sending out emails to the list of members who remain unpaid which in itself is an extra job that places more stress on her position.

Club Constitution

The working group responsible for preparing our first ever constitution report that work is progressing very well and all going according to plan every member should be issued with a copy of the proposed document in the coming weeks. Currently, we hope to be in a position to call a special general meeting in early March for ratification or otherwise.

Cycling Etiquette
It has been brought to our attention that motorists and cyclists have had some lively interaction on the roads around Mullingar in recent weeks with certain two fingered salutes been used towards the drivers. Now, before you all jam my email in defence, we are fully aware that there are more than Wheelers using the roads, but we just thought it was a timely opportunity to remind all members that when incident like this occurs, please refrain from using any type of aggressive or “colourful” language as you will not only be letting yourself down but also the very recognisable and well respected brand of LAKESDIE WHEELERS that you more than likely will be displaying on your chest, back and ass.

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