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Mono Has Left The Building!

posted 24 Nov 2013, 13:20 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Mark Monaghan)   
Mono Waves Goodbye
So this is it!  My last club notes.  I hope you can all hold back the tears - or maybe that should be cheers. I would like to thank everybody for taking the time to read some of the dribble and waffle, not to mention my amateur weather forecast reports which I have written over the past two years. 

I have really enjoyed the past two years keeping everybody up to date with the goings on within this brilliant club. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me out by writing reports and sending pictures, they have been a great help, even if some of the spelling and grammar was terrible at times!  My old English teacher Mr. Fitzsimons taught me well... Yeah right, English was never my strongest subject in school. 

I would also like to thank both local papers, The Westmeath Topic & the Westmeath Examiner, for their excellent coverage each week. Thanks to these two papers the profile of cycling in Mullingar & across Westmeath has been raised.  Finally I would like to thank Kevin Monaghan for the excellent job he does with our website. He puts in a lot of work on it each week by uploading the weekly notes and keeping everything up to date. 

This is Mark Monaghan signing out one last time. 

Thank you & good night!