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posted 30 Jan 2012, 15:12 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Mark Monaghan)  
Well done to all who made it out on Sunday in conditions that were less than favourable for cycling. I arose early from my slumber to the sound of rain rattling on my window & a text message from another wheeler (who will remain nameless),” well lads will we go to the Blooms it’s been raining cats and dogs all night”. After a few messages and phone calls I decided that I would go back to the nest and leave the mountains for another day and to those a bit braver than myself!

As I lay there, wide awake and disappointed in wasting a morning off the bike, I sent out a quick text to Steve Franzoni, “Any turbo Session dis mornin”  (apologies readers for this rubbish text spelling - Web editor!), and without fail the reply came through promptly, “turbo at 11. 2hr session” I think it was a bit of a case of out of the frying pan and into fire, but all three of us (Steve, Richie Lenehan & myself) put in a great two hours to help us cope with the guilt of missing out on the Sleeve Blooms. A Group spin to the Sleeve Blooms report to follow in the coming weeks.