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Lakeside Wheelers Launch New Club Kit

posted 8 Jul 2020, 07:07 by Site Admin   [ updated 8 Jul 2020, 07:09 ]

This morning the Club had their first, post Covid-19 Restrictions, organised spin. (Sunday 5th July).It was also an opportunity to 'show' the new gear. Social distancing and C.I. protocols were adhered to for the photograph and for the spin. 

Cycling, like many other sports has been in limbo for the last few months as the Covid 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on all aspects of our society. Cyclists and indeed all other athletes, whether they are at the elite or leisure end of the spectrum are chomping at the bit to get their respective sports back on track. However, there is no doubt that they are all acutely aware of the devastation and heartache that the pandemic has brought to many families in Ireland and elsewhere.

In response to Cycling Ireland Covid 19 guidelines, Lakeside Wheelers cancelled all official club spins at the beginning of March. Since then the members have been busy trying to keep within the allowed training zones and using all sorts of paraphernalia to stay fit and occupied during the Lockdown. The new kid on the block in relation to indoor training and one which gained huge popularity over recent weeks is a phenomenon called Zwift. This training platform has allowed cyclists to continue cycling and even participate in virtual races with riders from all over the world.

While the sport itself may have been in hibernation the club committee has remained busy attending to the business of club management via zoom meetings. Unfortunately the big annual events such as the Tour of the Lakes sportive and the Mullingar GP race have fallen victim to the virus and have been cancelled for 2020. On a more positive note the new club kit has arrived and has been distributed to all members in recent weeks. This is a major milestone in the history of the club and will be just the fourth kit since the formation of Lakeside Wheelers in 1976 albeit back then, it was known as Mullingar Cycling Club.

The original club kit was based around a maroon jersey with a white band on it which was in use from the very early days in 1976. In 1985 the ESB came on board to support the club and so, the Cook Electric Racing Team was born. The maroon and white kit was replaced with an ESB emblazoned blue and green outfit and this remained in place until 1995 when Mullingar Cycling Club underwent a name change and became Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar.

Along with the new name came a new kit and this is the current gear which has become so familiar around the roads of Mullingar and beyond over the last number of years. The famous yellow, blue and red colour scheme which is actually enshrined in the club constitution has been extremely popular with members and fellow cyclists and is still the basis of the new 2020 outfit. While there are subtle changes to the shades of each of these colours the new jersey is more modern in design with the big change to the kit being the replacement of the blue shorts with a black version.

With the country having moved into another phase of easing of Lockdown regulations the regular Sunday spins have recommenced. However, the format is a little different and will be for some time but last Sunday was the perfect opportunity to launch the new kit and as the accompanying pictures show, the new style does look well and will be a nice change for the next few years. Safe and happy cycling to all members and remember, wash the hands, practice good cough and sneezing etiquette and most important of all, if you feel unwell, get checked out.    

By Shay O’Toole


Site Admin,
8 Jul 2020, 07:07