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posted 6 Nov 2010, 13:08 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 11 Nov 2010, 13:55 ]
(By Sarah Piner)
After a summer of successful ladies only training spins we decided to continue with some specific Winter training. It was great to see such a strong group of ladies out (9 in total) from seasoned racer Wendy Bates, the up and coming Carmel and Claire gang and the new girls Aoife and Louise. The agenda for our winter training is to improve everyone’s ability on the bike, hopefully develop a racing team and enjoy riding together as a group of women.
The plan was to do a 2.5 hour ride, steady pace with some high cadence efforts and then open it up for the last 4-5km and see where we are, but hey its only October...
I won't bore you with the details of which roads we went on or indeed the weather conditions but it was a 65km spin averaging just under 30km per hour (B group pace).The only drags on our flat ride was up each side of Gillybawn hill where Liz and Rose showed their hill climbing potential sticking, on to mine and Wendy's wheels with determination!  We picked the pace up as planned with a few km left from home, the ORS. I asked Wendy to put everyone through their paces a little, so she went up the front and up the gears.  Louise showed her potential and stuck in with Wendy, Carmel and Claire right up to the finish, can’t wait to see what happens when we actually do some speed work later into our training programme.
So next ladies spin November the 14th 9am ORS and I hope to see another strong group out and if you’re thinking of joining us - then please do!
 Getting back on the road after refreshments in Tyrrellspass Castle