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Junior Spin Monday 19th August

posted 25 Aug 2013, 16:09 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 25 Aug 2013, 16:10 ]
(By Mark Monaghan)
For one reason or another my time on the bike has been limited of late, a couple of solo spins over the past few weeks is about all! So as with many good plans, I decided I would get back on the bike on Monday! I decided that I would try and ease myself back into it gently and head out for a spin with the underage lads. Off I set to meet up with the crew in Lough Sheever for a nice gentle spin… 

Famous last words!! I volunteered to help out the over 14 crew along with Robbie Kenny and the ever present Mick Reynolds along with a man who had been off the bike for a lot longer than me, four years to be precise. I won’t name names as I think he is starting a new secret training plan and wants to make his big comeback at Into the West! 

Junior Crash
Off we set along the C link road making our way across the Joe Dolan Bridge and onto the Rochfortbridge road where we took a left turn at Gaybrook cross an into Milltownpass with a nice tailwind for company. As with any good tailwind there is always a strong head wind to be found and find it we did as we turned right in Milltownpass and made our way to Tyrellspass via Rochfortbridge and of course Gweenbawn Hill. The less said about my experience on the climb the better! 

I’ve made no secret about how much I like cycling on the new stretch of the N52 between Tyrellspass and Mullingar and Monday last was no different! The miles seemed to slip by effortlessly and with great ease, before long Mick wanted to test out legs of the group and started the race for home in earnest and the speed lifted. Well done to Ross Kiernan for following myself and Mick and taking the sprint at Belvedere. Ross I think your spending too much time cycling with Mick as I didn’t see you on the front much during the race for home! You’re learning well! After a quick stop to regroup we headed for home and spun out the legs, a great evening on the bike with 50km in the legs and an average of 31kmph. Nice and gentle, yeah right! 

Well done to all the lads in the group, it was a pleasure to accompany you for the spin and I would urge any adult member to come a long for a spin on some occasion, you won’t be disappointed. I would like also to give a special mention to Mick Reynolds and Billy Cunnane for all the work ye have put in throughout the year with youth members of the club. Chapeau lads!

Please note that there will be a change of day and time for the junior spins, from Saturday August 31st the spins will be leaving from Heiton Buckley at ten O’clock. This is due to the fading light and also because of the schools re-opening.