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Jack Frost Puts An End to Sunday Spin...

posted 22 Dec 2011, 06:42 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Mark Monaghan)  
Turkey Turbo
With the news breaking early on Saturday evening about club spins being cancelled, due to the frosty conditions & with rider safety in mind, I was in the somewhat undecided in what to do with my Sunday morning off. Should I head “down the local” & have a few festive drinks & enjoy the extra few hours in bed or should I stay in and maybe try and get a group to go mountain biking or maybe get up early for a turbo session.

As I was contemplating my options I turned on my computer to have a look at my “Facebook” page for some inspiration! Oh and did I find it, the first message I came across was from the man with a plan Steve Franzoni, “Turbo session at 10 in the morning” and before I knew it I had replied “cya dere Steve”.  What had I done - I get a morning off and then I sign up for some more torture!

So up a little later on Sunday morning and down to Outdoor Escape I headed where I met up with the five other well-honed cyclists to but in very good two hour turbo session. Well done to Steve Franzoni for accommodating this session, I found it very good and enjoyable. Steve you were definitely the man with the plan!!