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Into the Wet and Windy West

posted 12 Sept 2011, 15:06 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 12 Sept 2011, 15:17 ]
(By Sarah Piner)  
As usual Joe Duffy has been busy over the few months preparing for his annual spin Into the West which is always well supported by our club members. This weekend was unfortunately the worst weekend for cycling we have had in a long time with the west of Ireland particularly being hit with gale force winds and rain.

I spoke to JP Kilmurray to get his view on proceedings...   “As I’m sure you have heard we only made it down to Galway on the bikes as the weather on Sunday was no good for cycling. I got up and looked out the window and the trees outside were bending over in the wind and the rain was coming down and didn’t look like stopping! The trip down to Galway was torture, everyone was finding it tough, even in the smallest gear on the bike you were pushing hard and there was literally no shelter in the group. We made the journey home in buses and vans which was a shame but couldn’t be helped. All that aside it was a great weekend, we were all delighted to arrive in Galway and the hotel and leisure facilities were great. Oh and it was a good night out on Saturday evening!!” Thank you JP and well done to everyone who rode in such difficult conditions in support of a worthy cause.