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In Praise Of The Humble Turbo

posted 6 Dec 2010, 12:21 by Kevin Monaghan
Well folks, it looks like the cold snap is set to continue for another week at least, which, as we all know, means there will be no road spins for the foreseeable future. However there are rumours around town that many households have been visited by noise pollution officials, on foot of complaints from neighbours that there are strange and loud humming noises emanating from outhouses, garages and even some bedrooms!
Rest assured people of Mullingar, there is a very innocent and plausible reason for these noises.....Wheelers on their beloved turbos. Yes, due to the ongoing period of snow and sub-zero temperatures many Lakeside boys and girls are all secretly (they thought) training away at home on the good old turbo. Boring it may be, but there is no doubt it has eased several cases of “cabin fever” and probably saved a few marriages too. Hopefully when the sunshine returns your efforts will not go unnoticed.