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High TeA Group

posted 12 Sept 2011, 14:58 by Kevin Monaghan
Sundays spin was the first of the “Rest and Recovery” spins that the A group plan to do for 4 or 5 weeks.  The plan for these Rest and Recovery spins is for shorter distances (about 80km) at a much reduced pace. The only “big ring” to be seen on the spins, we’re hoping, are the jam donuts at the leisurely sit down, all-you-can-eat tea stops. These more relaxed spins are to allow riders to recharge the batteries and “enjoy” a few spins before the winter training plan starts up in late October.

As the wind was a steady south west we made our way to Horseleap, Moate, Clara and on to Kilbeggan for the tea stop. Thankfully the rain was more like mist for the first part of the spin and we could sit down and enjoy the tea stop. Earl Grey, latte, Coke, Kit Kat, scones and apple turnovers were the order of the day – and that's just what the thinnest rider in Sundays A group consumed!  After a half hour or so we jumped on the bikes and with a strong tailwind home we ended a perfect spin.  Final distance was 80km and apart from a few small infringements on the downhills the small ring did most of the hard work today. Attached is a picture of Mark Monaghan enjoy a mug of coffee in Kilbeggan.

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