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Happy Birthday Mark

posted 5 Oct 2010, 12:06 by Kevin Monaghan
By Tom Carolan
On the social front, I was invited to Wheeler Mark Monaghan’s 30th birthday bash at the Roadhouse on Saturday night where  - in addition to family and friends - several leading dignitaries from the club were in attendance. The arrival of an invitation on my doormat is in itself a rare and welcome event these days. I have managed over the years to alienate most of the club members - to the point where invitations to major social events have long ceased to arrive and Wheelers generally cross the road when they see me coming, so I really was grateful to Mark and determined to be on my best behaviour. I sat quietly in a corner and had a chat with Mark Horohoe and Cathy Flynn and then headed off home well before midnight. I even stayed off the dance floor even though they were playing Ronan Keating’s greatest hits and I was wearing my special disco shoes that I bought back in 1977 – you know, the ones with the 23 inch platform heels with the live goldfish swimming around in them.
But such is my dedication to cycling these days that, despite the fact that the Roadhouse was rockin', I was safely tucked up in bed by 10.30 having had my mug of ovaltine and digestive biscuit, ready for Sunday morning at ORS. Seems to have paid off too! I joined the C group on Sunday for a 90Km spin in the general direction of Rhode / Tullamore and didn’t even get left behind in the final sprint for home. Maybe I’ve found my inner Lance Armstrong at last!
Marks' specially commissioned Birthday cake certainly caught the eye...