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Former Wheeler Jenny figures well in Australian Championships

posted 28 Feb 2011, 05:24 by Kevin Monaghan
Members may be familiar with the name Jenny Fay, Jenny was a lakeside wheeler a few years ago and had great success on the road. I was just starting my road cycling as Jenny finished and unfortunately only got to ride a couple of times with her, enough however to see she was pretty good!!

Jenny moved to Australia a couple of years ago and found her bike riding ability was well suited to off road and she recently competed in the Australian National Mountain bike Championships, finishing 4th in the Long course event and 2nd in the short course event.

I was going to attempt to put an article together about  Jenny after hearing about her fantastic results, I have however decided to get in contact with Jenny first so look out for a full report soon!

Jenny Fay in Action in Australian Mountain Bike Championships