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Enjoy the Rest Period Before Winter Training Begins...

posted 28 Sept 2011, 09:41 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 28 Sept 2011, 10:12 ]
Enjoy the last few relaxed weeks of cycling...
(By Sarah Piner)  

I spoke with Mark Horohoe earlier regarding the winter training plan for this year.  It’s hard to believe we are thinking about starting again in preparation for season 2012!  The training plan is mainly devised for the A group or racing cyclist but of course can be followed by all club members looking to improve their cycling ability. – At the moment all cycling groups within the club are enjoying some steady miles, long tea stops and each others company with little emphasis on structured training. This rest period is very important after the last 5 months or so of competitive racing, long sportive or fast club spins. Both the mind and body need a rest in order to start building up the endurance miles again.

Mark explained that we are looking at mid October to role out this years training plan. In short the first few weeks will be long steady easy miles, before the hard interval training begins later in the year and early 2012. So on Mark’s expert advice we should continue to enjoy our rest period before the hard work begins!