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Early Mother´s Day Start for B Group

posted 4 Apr 2011, 14:17 by Kevin Monaghan
As they say the early bird gets the worm but I'm afraid that he can also get punctures. With a group of 22 appearing bleary eyed and dishevelled at 8am, an hour earlier than normal, we were all set for an early start, Unlucky for Ollie he picked up 2 punctures within a mile, sounds like a dodgy tire, and had to return to base to get a replacement bike. Having let one group off while we tried to get Ollie sorted it was a mad dash to catch up with them but a group of 8 of us worked very well together and caught up with the others near Moate.
We coffeed in Clara where the local shop put on the kettle behind the counter to cater for us. It was one of those places where you could get anything from an anchor to a needle. We decided to cut the route a little shorter than planned as the planned return time of 12.30pm was more critical than normal due to Mother’s Day and I didn't fancy getting blamed for any domestic arguments due to a late return home.
There was a question as to did a particular route allow us to get to Rahugh. I said No, Martin said Yes to which I asked him how you know to which he replied "I designed this road". I bowed to superior knowledge! We arrived home at 12.20pm, 10 minutes early, with 103km in the bag. Well done to one and all and roll on Sligo!
Action from the 2010 Race League