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Cycling in Cold Weather

posted 11 Jan 2016, 05:38 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Shay O'Toole)   
With forecasters promising that the storms and rain will be followed by a cold snap, it is important to remember to dress accordingly on the bike. For those with some experience these tips may be old news but for any new members it is vital for comfort, and most importantly, for health reasons that you are sufficiently wrapped up on winter spins.

One common mistake is to put on too many layers forgetting that when you start cycling your body will automatically heat up. Try to judge it so that you are slightly cold starting off but you will warm up once you start pedaling. Another mistake is wearing the wrong type of material, cotton will soak your sweat and then cool down making you very cold and at risk of illness or injury. The correct material for base layer is polyester which will wick away your sweat leaving your skin dry and warm. 

Always wear a hat/balaclava, thermal gloves (not too bulky or you won’t be able to use gears/brakes), base layers, a wind proof jacket or gilet, leggings, long socks (not cotton) and waterproof/windproof shoe covers. 

You are now all set to enjoy the bike in even the coldest temperatures so the only other thing to get winter ready is your bike. Tips for keeping your machine in tip top condition will be included next week. Have a warm and cosy winters cycling!
Wheelers well wrapped up for winter cycling
Wheelers well wrapped up for cold winter cycling