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Corkagh Park....The Bestest Day of all Time

posted 1 Oct 2012, 08:56 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 2 Oct 2012, 14:23 ]
(by Robbie Kenny)   
I hope wherever you are reading this it is dry. If it is your probably indoors or the Seychelles. Well last Saturday we went to Clondalkin for the finale of SR12 and as forecasted there wasn't a dry eye in the park. Now... I won’t go over the top in heralding how ultra-amazing a day it was but at least it was dry with some sun and the fact that Corkagh Park really is a fantastic venue made for the best day ever with the best Rockets that NASA has never seen.

All 22 families including some 50 Rockets eventually got there which was an achievement considering half the locals didn't know where it was. We recede the course for an hour or so and then ran some races: u6 u8 u10 u12, had some snacks and fruit ran more races: Juniors, Ladies and Men’s and then ate and drank some more until our bellies were full, lay in the sun and went home.

All races ran according to plan except the "ladies" but more on that later. In the Rocket Races each and every one of them was winners. Lakeside Wheelers Sprocket Rocket rules clearly state, that once 100% is given you are a champion. It is fantastic in a sporting sense when you see a Rocket coming in shattered, out of gas or whatever a Rocket runs on, not able to give the pedal one more turn and still a smile on their face. You can't ask for any more can you? Chapeau Rockets you're all priceless. 
This brings us to the senior races. Any goodwill built up during the day ran out when the "Ladies" took to the line. The tactics employed by some of the more experienced lady cyclists in the club were shameful to say the least. The story is: there was a handicap agreed whereby the novice Lady cyclists were given a head start. Regretfully the agreed distance was not adhered to. They dismissed the Race Director and took off en masse. Surprisingly Muirna, a Mayo lady was in the experienced group and we all know Mayo people like to give a good head start to all their opponents whatever the sport but not this day. This leaves the Sprocket Rocket committee no option but to disqualify all the guilty parties hence declaring Geraldine Kennedy the winner and Miriam Hickey second. Third was Nicola Isdell who actually didn't take part in the race but was on a bike worthy of a podium placing!

In the men’s race Mick Reynolds crossed the line first showing the Rockets how to celebrate, Roy Carey second and I think Shane Corcoran third. However Mick is disqualified because he's Mick, Roy was in a pair of shorts that were contrary to Cycling Ireland rules and Shane is ruled out because I only think he was in the shake-up. Therefore the winner is.......Arnold Bose. Arnold had his jeans tucked impeccably into his socks and has a direct line to the Bundesbank so draw your own conclusions. 

On behalf of Sprocket Rocket coaches a Milky Way sized thank you to all families for making the effort to drive up and make it a worthwhile effort to organise.  More pictures from the day available here.

Lakeside Wheelers Sprocket Rockets in Corkagh Park
Lakeside Wheelers Sprocket Rockets in Corkagh Park