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Club Notes 26th June 2010

posted 26 Jul 2010, 09:05 by Kevin Monaghan
Tour Of The Lakes
I was more relieved than anything that last week’s Tour of the Lakes passed off without any major calamity. There are so many things to put in place to make even a relatively modest enterprise like the Tour go smoothly, and I spent that last few days before the event hoping that I hadn’t forgotten any of them. I hadn’t, of course, apart from the small matter of getting the keys of the Rugby Club pavilion for early opening on Sunday morning. I finally got my sweaty, grubby, panic stricken little mitts on a set of keys at about 10.30p.m.on Saturday night (thanks to Donal Coade) after a series of increasingly frantic phone calls from a bar stool in Casey’s. Earlier that evening, Adrian Murphy and I had driven the route hammering sign posts into the ground at every junction - some of them were even pointing the right way - all the while having a lively conversation about life, the universe and everything in between. Adrian is a great raconteur - he makes an excellent travelling companion - and the two hours or so that it took just flew by.
On Sunday, Shay O’Toole and Robbie Kenny were manning the water stop at Streete Community Centre. They had secured four huge drinks dispensers from Conor Isdell along with three highly suspicious looking white plastic containers of what purported to be ‘energy drink powder’. The powder was duly added to two of the water dispensers and distributed to anyone brave enough to give it a go. Tests are still ongoing to determine the precise nature and extent of the side effects, but I do know that Wheeler Dave Fagan, who is a vet in his spare time away from the more serious business of cycling, had reported a break-in at his surgery a few weeks ago when three white plastic containers of horse tranquiliser were taken. Perhaps I should make my suspicions known to the Gardai! Only joking, Conor! I’m sure it was all good clean energy powder, and from what I heard, it worked a treat!
The weather on the day itself was a bit of a let down, but thanks to everyone who participated, and also thanks to all who helped out, including Katherine, Wendy, Sarah, Brian, Cathy, Damien, Mairtin, Carmel, Craig and especially Mark Horohoe. I’m sure I’ve left out a few names, so please accept my thanks if you helped out on the day. Noel Kennedy also deserves a big thank you for providing an extremely welcome bowl of delicious pasta to all of the riders who came home drenched to the skin. And I really have to give a mention to the two girls who came all the way from Belfast to participate in the short 30Km ride, came back to the rugby club soaked but with huge grins on their faces and promised to do it all again next year. I don’t have their names, but thanks for coming and making my day!
Meath Heritage Tour
Yesterday, along with about a dozen or so Wheelers, I went over to Trim and had a go at the Meath Heritage Tour, one of the An Post series of cycling events. With about 1,200 cyclists taking part, it is on a different scale altogether from our own Tour of the Lakes, and I can only describe the marshalling and organisation of the whole thing as being absolutely first class. The course itself is wonderful, fantastically well signposted and marshalled, and the whole event had a lovely, almost carnival-like atmosphere about it. Most of the Wheelers opted for the 100Km distance but a few, notably Karl Moran, Martin O’Donnell and Dermot Hogan (and probably a couple of others who were too far ahead of me on the road) went for the full 160Km trip. The whole thing was a great workout in pretty close to ideal weather conditions – cool and without any breeze to speak of – and I’ll definitely be signing up again next year (subject to permission from the powers that be).
Wheelers in Action in Switzerland
I spent yesterday afternoon keeping a close eye on Dorothy Duffy! Now, before you rush off to tell my present wife (The War Office) all about it, let me assure you that it was purely in my professional capacity as your part-time club PRO. Dorothy was taking part in an iron man triathlon in Switzerland and completed the course in an extremely respectable time of just over 14 hours. I tracked her on the event website and I love the way that technology allows you to keep in touch with someone’s progress like that. Split times and transition times were given for all the participants, but just thinking about the difficulty levels inherent in an Iron Man event brings me close to the point of meltdown – the amount of willpower required to swim a couple of miles, cycle 180Km and then top it off with a full marathon would, to quote the Bard, strain me past the compass of my wits. But she completed it all in fine style, so well done Dorothy. Take a well earned rest! And in between the training sessions that go with preparing for such an event, Dorothy has somehow found the time to open up a new sports shop – Tri and Run, located near O’Brien’s Garage on the Lynn Road – supplying equipment and clothing for swimmers, cyclists and runners, and of course, anyone deranged enough to combine all three disciplines in a single event. Good luck with your new venture, Dorothy.
Dorothy’s fellow triathlete and next-door business neighbour on the Lynn Road, Seamus Bracken completed the same triathlon yesterday, also in a very respectable time. I did notice on the website that he had a suspiciously long transition time between the bike and the running part of the course and I couldn’t help wondering if he’d nipped out for a quick pint or perhaps a medicinal whiskey or two to fortify himself for the final push towards the finishing line. Seamus has previous form in this regard, having made an unscheduled pitstop a couple of years ago in appalling weather on the club trip round the Ring of Kerry for a couple of restorative brandies, before sailing serenely home wearing a contented smile, all but oblivious to the conditions. Well done, Seamus, regardless of whatever refuelling methods you employed on the day!
Summer League
I’ve been neglecting this year’s summer league to an almost shameful degree, but Mark Horohoe sent out the latest batch of results the other day, and it is all bubbling up nicely to what should be an exciting last few races. The series is so well handicapped (don’t ask me how they do it – it looks like a black art to me) that any rider in any group could come away with the overall prize. The racing takes place every second Thursday at Dysart and I really must get myself along this Thursday (29th) to have a look.
Underage Cycling
For any youngsters wishing to participate in the underage evenings at Belvedere, please note that, due to bank holidays etc., the junior evenings for August will be held on Monday 16th and 23rd of August at 6.30p.m. Do come along and enjoy a great evening of cycling fun.
Marshalls Wanted!
Finally, Shay O’Toole asked me to mention that Gerry Duffy and Ken Whitelaw have been busy running thirty two marathons on thirty two consecutive days since the beginning of the month, and will complete their odyssey with the final marathon in Westmeath next Monday, the bank holiday. Shay has asked that anyone who is available to help with marshalling on the day should contact him on 087 681 1533.
Picture of the week
The War Office takes up cycling – here’s a photo from one of our recent training spins...