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Blooms My Darling!

posted 2 Jan 2012, 15:22 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Mark Monaghan)  
I’m not really much of a reader to be honest apart from the odd cycling biography of course and  I can assure you that it was definitely James Joyce I was quoting as I was climbing the Sleeve blooms on Saturday last.

With the weather holding up pretty well over the holiday period I managed to get a decent amount of cycling including a fun triathlon on St. Stephens and  the Turkey Trot on Wednesday last. I also, for my sins, managed a trip to the Sleeve Bloom Mountains on Saturday with four other madmen! 

We arranged to meet at the Tullamore Court hotel where we decided to head to Clonaslee & tackle The Cut first. The Cut is a long steady climb but was made that bit harder with a head wind. From there we went down into the valley and across to the Wolftrap. On the way over to the second climb I had a bit of a panic attack as I couldn’t get my chain out of the big chain ring but after a few prayers and gentle persuasion on the levers I managed to get it changed just before the bottom of the climb.

The Wolftrap is a bit harder of a climb as the gradient tends to change a lot. I suppose you could say it is like climbing in steps with a bit of lull in the steepness every now and again.  We all stopped at the top and after a quick refuel and chat about the torture we had just gone through, we turned and went back down the way we came to head back to the Cut for our second accent. On the way up the climb it suddenly dawned on me that I was finishing my year off in the very same way I started it, getting dropped &and in pain climbing the Slieve Bloom Mountains!

After we reached the top we stopped to regroup and continued back to Tullamore via Clonaslee. We got back to the hotel with over 3hrs cycling done. Well done lads especially to Billy Cunnane who made his maiden voyage to the Blooms!

The Darling Bloomers
The Darling Bloomers - Ken Berry, Billy Cunnane, Damien O'Brien, Charlie Sheridan & Mark Monaghan