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A Group Ups the Pace

posted 20 Jun 2011, 08:34 by Kevin Monaghan
(By Mark Horohoe) 
With the Mullingar 2-day just as few weeks away it was decided that the A group would do anaerobic efforts and mock races during the spin while reducing the distance of the spin compared to normal Sundays. The general pace of the spin was kept a bit lower so we could give 100% when doing the efforts.

The familiar route of Horseleap - Clara - Tullamore and back by “the bridge” was decided as it gave quite roads when we could do the efforts. The route is so familiar at this stage that I think our bikes could now steer themselves around the route.

After each effort the group would slow up so to allow the group to reform before continuing on again. We did 6 race pace efforts during the spin and I think despite the reduced distance of 85km all felt we had a good spin under our belts when we got back to ORS.

After a few damps spins it was great to be out on the bike with sunny weather.
Some of Sundays A-group taking breather.