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"A" Group settles in to Winter Training Programme

posted 24 Oct 2011, 14:52 by Kevin Monaghan
After enjoying 6 weeks of easy spins for recovery where we had long civilized tea breaks filled with variations of scones and cakes it was time to take the first steps in the winter training plan for the A group.
Last week the plan for the next 10 weeks of A group spins was sent out by email – its attached again below. The aim for the next 5 weeks (Base 1 training) is to develop endurance by getting spin distances gradually up to 100km. The focus to have a steady speed where average heart rate for the spin was 70-77% of maximum heart rate.
To get the basics of a good pedal stroke the small ring was used for most of todays spin unless we were doing a strength effort. The plan is to gradually include strength efforts for the next few weeks so that when we start Base 2 training in 5 week’s time we should be ready for the rolling hill routes as the muscles will have adapted to a heaver stresses and we should be able to avoid injury.
It was great to see so many A group riders out and with the bigger numbers turns at the front were kept to duration of just 1 minute so that all in the group were getting a steady work out. Outside Clonard we split in two groups and did a strength effort for about 10 minutes. We used the big ring and the middle of the cassette to keep cadence below 70 while maintaining a heart rate below 82%. The south east wind was ideal for the task and we regrouped again just in time for a puncture or two.
After the tea stop in Enfield we headed to Carbury, Edenderry, Rhode and back home through Rochfordbridge. The good even pace was maintained until we were almost back to the N52 where we had a good race for home using the small ring.
Put On the Mudguards
A good few riders were ready for winter spins by having mudguards fitted with many more planning to fit them for the wet winter weather. Mudguards allow a safer group formation as we can ride safer by following the rider in front rather than off to one side to avoid the wheel spray.

Put On the Mudguards - they don't look so bad!
Kevin Monaghan,
24 Oct 2011, 14:52