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"A" Group Passes The Test

posted 4 Jul 2011, 01:51 by Kevin Monaghan
As Sunday was the last spin before the 2-day, and with many regular A-group riders having signed up for the race, yesterdays spin was a final check of what the engine can do when tested. After all the wet spins we have gone through it was nice to be putting on sun cream for a Sunday club spin.

Most riders have been lapping the two day routes on spins during the week they probably feel like they are in a go-kart race so the consensus that we would choose a good hilly route away from the 2-day course to get a mental break. The spin would be a final test of how the months of training has paid off.

With a group of 13 we headed off for the hilly route of Carrickboy, Ballymahon, Glasson and back through Ballymore for good measure. A healthy pace in standard group formation was held until all had warmed up well. Then the group did race type efforts at such pace that the handle bar tape was almost chewed off by the end of the spin! A truce was called in Ballymahon with just enough time to top up the water bottle with a cool drink. Soon enough, normal service was resumed and there were more attacks on the way home than would come in the last 40km of the Tour de France! Just what was needed for the final spin.

Darragh Caffrey and Aiden Fox and Fergal Daly who joined us for the day showed the B+ group has not been hanging about for the last few months and all 3 were holding thing own in the group. The group welcomed William McDonagh from Tasmania who is visiting Mullingar for the summer with his family. Nice to have you with us William and don’t worry we usually have more time to talk on the Sunday spin!

With over 100km completed at an average speed in the mid 30’s (kmh) over a tough route this was probably a perfect final long spin for all doing the 2-day. Good luck to all in the 2-day.
The "A Team" take a pit-stop on Sunday's Training Spin