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A Group Wet Wet Wet!

posted 12 Dec 2011, 15:25 by P.R.O Lakeside Wheelers   [ updated 12 Dec 2011, 15:27 ]
A Group called Wet Wet Wet!
The Scottish band "Wet Wet Wet" came to mind On Sunday morning whilst I was out cycling around the byroads of Westmeath & Longford. It was all to do with the weather of course and possibly some of their most famous lyrics "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes" well all seven of us in the "A" group had no feeling in either by the time we made it home! The numbers were down again on Sunday, it must be Christmas Party Season or something, but yet again we had four groups on the road.

A Group hit The Murr De Granard
Yet again I got the late evening text from a distraught "A" group leader Mark Horohoe who was tucked up in bed for the last few days with a throat infection. I told you that you should have turned for home with me last Sunday! Anyway it’s a pleasure to help out and it’s not exactly hard work when you’re riding with experienced riders!  

On Sunday we again had seven in the "A" group but this time we all stuck it out. After a quick chat on where we were going, we decided to try and keep to the training plan as best we could. So off in the direction of Rathowen we set at nice steady pace. From there we turned left which brought us through Streete & on into Granard. This is the first time I came into Granard on this road and yes there is a hill on it as well! 

As we were making our way into the town I used my group leader powers to call a left turn up to the top the Murr de Granard as we christened it today in its likeness to the famous Muur DE Gerandsbergen in Flanders which we tackled back in April minus the cobble of course! When got to the top of the climb we turned & headed back down for some well-deserved hot drinks. The plan from here was to go on to Finea and then home via Castlepollard, but common sense prevailed after a quick chat and we decide the best route home would be via Coole & Multyfarnham due to the inclement weather. 

After a quick stop in Multy where I had to put my farrier skills to the test by re-cleating two of the lads! We took the hill climb route out of Multy and home via half of Bun hill where we had over three hours in the saddle completed. Well done to all the lads today it was a great ride it really tough conditions.