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Sunny C Easter Sunday Cycle

posted 20 Apr 2014, 07:10 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 20 Apr 2014, 07:54 ]
(By Kevin Monaghan)   
As a child I was told that if you were up early enough on Easter Sunday morning that you'd see the sun dancing in the sky.  Well it may may not be for that reason but I was up early on Easter Sunday morning so I opted for next best thing - an Easter spin with the club to make the most of the fine spring weather and get a few more miles in the bank for the Spring Spin next weekend.

It's still April and the wind is in the east so it's wise to have an extra layer to start off with and so it proved because no sooner had we set off than the clouds rolled in from the east and covered the sun.  Maybe it had a quiet few dance moves when it was concealed from us - but probably not.   With a fresh breeze coming from the north east, it was agreed to head east, so the large contingent of C's negotiated the Marlinstown roundabouts and headed out the N4 to The Downs, where they took the R156 out to Killucan, Raharney and Ballivor.  A few riders with Easter commitments peeled off for Kinnegad at Ballivor while the remainder continued eastward to Rathmolyon and following a short unscheduled stop to retrieve some dropped items, it was right in the village and across the undulating road to Enfield at a fairly lively pace.

As the morning was fine and the cafes shut for the Easter holiday the coffee stop was at the Centra store in Enfield where the tea and coffee making machines were all but drained of their contents as the cycling hordes descended on them.  The fare was lovely, freshly made tea and coffee and equally fresh cakes and fancies and friendly check-out staff makes this venue one to mark down for future visits.  The refreshments were thoroughly enjoyed outside in the mid-morning sunshine - what a difference good weather and the prospect of a strong tailwind home does to lift the spirits of the cyclist!

Following the break it was back on the bikes and straight back for home along the old N4.  With the wind on their backs and warm sun recharging the solar batteries the pace quickened but was soon interrupted by the sound of a loud pop followed by that familiar hssss... - yes the puncture bunny (for the day that's in it) paid a visit, hitting the pace-setter at the front.  The enforced stop was welcomed by a few who had been looking for a loo in Enfield and were chasing hard to catch up - a whole new meaning to toilet training!

With the puncture sorted out, it was back into the saddle and home via Kinnegad without any further stops.  Well done to everybody and especially to Liz for keeping things under control.  90k under the belt and plenty of scope to enjoy an Easter egg or two with a clear conscience!

C Group enjoy the sunshine and fresh coffee outside Centra in Enfield
C Group enjoy the sunshine and fresh coffee outside Centra in Enfield