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C Group Come Out for Easter Sunday

posted 31 Mar 2013, 13:02 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 31 Mar 2013, 13:02 ]
(By Kevin Monaghan)   
Another cold but dry morning greeted those who gathered at ORS on Easter Sunday morning.  While some of the assembled Wheelers were heading out on their own version of the Tour Of Flanders, the route plan suggested for the C group was to take them out to Tullamore via Rahugh. 

And so it was. Despite giving  the impression they were heading for Baltrasna bridge and the Royal canal, the fourteen-strong group headed out the N52 accompanied by a chilly south-easterly wind.  A fairly brisk pace was set and it wasn’t long until everyone was warmed up.  The lovely smooth tarmac surface on the new stretch of N52 helped everyone along and before long the group hit Tyrrellspass, turning left at the castle and a quick right for Tullamore via Rahugh.  Plenty of banter to be heard among the peleton along the way – nothing like a laugh to help the miles melt away.

Easter Eggs in Lakeside Wheelers helmet.
The Bridge Hotel was suggested as the coffee-stop.  It was great to see the smiling welcoming faces from the staff as they quickly dished out the tea/coffee, scones and toast, all of which was equally welcomed by the riders and quickly dispatched.  Great pit-stop and hopefully we’ll be back there shortly again.

Back on the road, there was a bit of a shock to see the flags blowing towards us as the group headed up the main street in Tullamore.  Thankfully the wind veered round to the right as the road direction changed and while it wasn’t exactly in our favour, we made steady progress back to Mullingar.  

Great to be able to dig into an Easter egg or two with a clear conscience, having burned up the calories on the roads of south Westmeath and Offaly.  Well done everybody and Happy Easter.