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Shane Chases the C's on His Gate

posted 21 Sept 2014, 15:00 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 21 Sept 2014, 15:00 ]

(By Shane Corcoran)   
Shane's Gate of a bike
A nice fine day for a spin. With my bike out injured, and me carrying a bit  of a twinge as well, I decided after hearing the B group route, that myself and my gate would be better off taking it easy this week. So I, along with another, took off after the already departed C group. 

After a bit we managed to catch them. We headed towards Streamstown, and a tea stop in Moate. After a sit down coffee and scone, and loads of laughter and yarns, it was back towards home via Horseleap, Kilbeggan and Tyrrellspass. Now the bit where I thought I would take it easy. One member discovered the big ring, and the pace all of a sudden increased to Tour De France speeds, with the distance from Moate covered in no time. Great spin, really enjoyed it, well done to all.

Enjoyable Sunday Outing for C Group

posted 21 Jul 2014, 13:51 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 21 Jul 2014, 13:51 ]

(By Shane Corcoran)   
This morning there was a small group of eight for the C group Sunday spin. There were two members of the group returning to the fold after several months absence. As I listened to their chat about recent achievements and experiences on the Ring Of Kerry and the Tour of the Lakes, I thought maybe I should have stayed under the duvet!

One of the group said "no need to worry shur it'll be a 'sedate' pace". We were only metres behind the large peloton of the B group for the first 13 km heading to Horseleap, we lost one of our gang as he joined them.  On the Clara road we turned left to Kilbeggan where the Distillery beckoned for refreshments, as usual Peter Lonergan and his staff looked after us well. One member of the group caused a bit of a stir with the healthy option of a toasted sausage sandwich which was described as heaven!

We then had an enjoyable dash home which was anything but "sedate".  On days like this you realise what you miss when absent, the friendship, banter and the craic. The distance and pace don't matter , thank you gentleman for making our return spin so much fun.

Rain Soaked C Group Sunday

posted 10 Jun 2014, 14:40 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 10 Jun 2014, 14:43 ]

(By Oliver Bright Sun. 8th June)   
On arriving at ORS it seemed that the Summer Weather had disappeared.  The morning was overcast with a threat of rain on the way.  A small Group of riders had assembled and after the usual parliament meeting it was decided to travel to Kilbeggan.

Shortly after leaving the ORS the rains came which meant a rain gear stop.  We then proceeded to Kilbeggan via Dalystown and our usual Tea Stop at Locke's.  After our Irish Coffees and scones it was decided to return home via Castletown-Geoghan and Dysart.  A special mention to Chris a new Member to C Group who was having his first outing.

Sunny C Easter Sunday Cycle

posted 20 Apr 2014, 07:10 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 20 Apr 2014, 07:54 ]

(By Kevin Monaghan)   
As a child I was told that if you were up early enough on Easter Sunday morning that you'd see the sun dancing in the sky.  Well it may may not be for that reason but I was up early on Easter Sunday morning so I opted for next best thing - an Easter spin with the club to make the most of the fine spring weather and get a few more miles in the bank for the Spring Spin next weekend.

It's still April and the wind is in the east so it's wise to have an extra layer to start off with and so it proved because no sooner had we set off than the clouds rolled in from the east and covered the sun.  Maybe it had a quiet few dance moves when it was concealed from us - but probably not.   With a fresh breeze coming from the north east, it was agreed to head east, so the large contingent of C's negotiated the Marlinstown roundabouts and headed out the N4 to The Downs, where they took the R156 out to Killucan, Raharney and Ballivor.  A few riders with Easter commitments peeled off for Kinnegad at Ballivor while the remainder continued eastward to Rathmolyon and following a short unscheduled stop to retrieve some dropped items, it was right in the village and across the undulating road to Enfield at a fairly lively pace.

As the morning was fine and the cafes shut for the Easter holiday the coffee stop was at the Centra store in Enfield where the tea and coffee making machines were all but drained of their contents as the cycling hordes descended on them.  The fare was lovely, freshly made tea and coffee and equally fresh cakes and fancies and friendly check-out staff makes this venue one to mark down for future visits.  The refreshments were thoroughly enjoyed outside in the mid-morning sunshine - what a difference good weather and the prospect of a strong tailwind home does to lift the spirits of the cyclist!

Following the break it was back on the bikes and straight back for home along the old N4.  With the wind on their backs and warm sun recharging the solar batteries the pace quickened but was soon interrupted by the sound of a loud pop followed by that familiar hssss... - yes the puncture bunny (for the day that's in it) paid a visit, hitting the pace-setter at the front.  The enforced stop was welcomed by a few who had been looking for a loo in Enfield and were chasing hard to catch up - a whole new meaning to toilet training!

With the puncture sorted out, it was back into the saddle and home via Kinnegad without any further stops.  Well done to everybody and especially to Liz for keeping things under control.  90k under the belt and plenty of scope to enjoy an Easter egg or two with a clear conscience!

C Group enjoy the sunshine and fresh coffee outside Centra in Enfield
C Group enjoy the sunshine and fresh coffee outside Centra in Enfield

Group Leaders Required

posted 1 Jan 2014, 11:34 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 1 Jan 2014, 11:34 ]

(By Shane Corcoran)   
As most of you might now know there was no spin on Sunday due to the severe frost on Saturday night.   There were still some Wheelers moving around the information super-highway, some from the comfort of the duvet, others via the garage, where it seems many Wheelers are now spending a lot of time. As the day progressed, the canal seemed to be the place to go, some headed off for an hour or so and ended up doing three, a number of ladies where spotted at some famous watering hole and were seen with a new type of winter supplement or gel called a hot toddy, don't know if it will take off. Hopefully, we should get back to normal service next week, and I can write about nice coffee scones, averages and the no of miles we had done.

On a serious note, I have been asked to help co ordinate the C-B group leaders. I will be looking for people to help out with leading the various groups over the year. I hope to have a meeting of people interested in leading groups in the next couple of weeks. The aim is to make the Sunday spin enjoyable for everyone, and to help make sure that there is a group for everyone and help people get what they want be it training for a charity spin or sportive, to just getting out with friends. If you are interested let me know.

Short Post-Party Spin for C Group

posted 12 Dec 2013, 11:45 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 12 Dec 2013, 11:45 ]

(By Shane Corcoran Sun. 8th December)
 My notes this week will be short and sweet, just like our spin today. With the party night out of the way, like true athletes, a large group gathered looking for some punishment. There was a tasty head wind on offer, so we could do noting more than head into it.

Tyrrellspass Castle
We decided on a short spin, Rochfordbridge, Tyrellspass, with a tea stop in the castle. There was the usual banter, some more the target than others, but all in good jest.

We headed for home with the wind on our tails, and we fairly hit the Tarmac in spots with a tasty wind blowing us home. There was an early break for home, and this Lone Ranger done well to stay out on his own, but was caught by the group on the turn for home.

Great spin had by all. Still can't believe we are still cycling 2nd week in December . Think we might pay for it in the new year.

C Group Enjoy High Tea

posted 5 May 2013, 14:59 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 5 May 2013, 14:59 ]

(By Carmel Dolan)   
With the Spring Spin done and dusted for another year, it was back to normal cycling last Sunday morning April 28th. The morning didn't look good and the sky was dark but none the less, I joined the C group and about 14 of us heading out the gates of ORS with Feericks of Rathowen being our destination,. We headed for the Joe Dolan Bridge as we were going to Rathowen via Ballynacargy and just at the roundabout on the Lynn road, the heavens opened and the rain lashed down. A few in our group were heard to remark that they needed to turn back as they had other things to be doing so one escaped but another one in the group wasn't let escape!

High T for C
Eventually the rain stopped around Walshestown and we dried off in the wind. The banter was good in the group and the usual chit chat ensued and in no time we were inside in Feericks and awaiting warm cups of tea and coffee and plates of scones and toast. Shane was doing his "Dowton Abbey/Upstairs Downstairs" impersonation and was serving tea to all and sundry and nearly even buttering the toast for some people. 

Somehow the conversation got around to cycling gear and there were suggestions of a new kit for the ladies but because this is a family paper, I just couldn't mention what the lads had in mind!! But Katherine, I am sure we would all look great in the new gear....the weather might be the only problem!! As always, the chat and craic was good and the laughter loud.

We headed back out and on our bikes and back to town via the lovely "Col de Bunbrosna" and after re-grouping at the top we sailed back into the ORS with a respectable 55 km under our belts. Not bad for a wet Sunday morning. Thanks guys for a great spin and good laugh. 

C Group Tullamore Bound

posted 22 Apr 2013, 05:33 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 22 Apr 2013, 05:33 ]

(By Carmel Dolan - Sunday 7th April)   
Sunday morning unfortunately wasn't quite as nice as Saturday and that east wind seemed to reappear but it was dry at least. I had cycled into the ORS to get a few extra miles in the legs in preparation for the Spring Spin to Sligo and I think a few others had the same idea. I joined the C group and Tullamore was our destination. As there was 22 out, we split the group into two with 12 under the guidance of Barry Carr heading out first and the remaining 10 of us leaving shortly afterwards. 

Espresso Machine
We headed for Rochfortbridge at a nice pace and the chat was good with the question "are you all set for Sligo?" being the first thing one was asked! After Rochfortbridge we headed for Rhode, Daingean and Ballinagar. We noticed in our group that Barry's group, who were up ahead of us, went straight through the village of Ballinagar so we turned right and therefore getting to the tea stop at Scally’s Centra in Tullamore first and the coffee machine ( sorry guys!!! ) 

After the tea break we headed for Rahugh, Tyrellspass and thankfully when we turned left at the roundabout outside Tyrellspass on to the new N52 we had a bit of a tailwind which helped us along the way. Myself and a few others turned left at Belvedere to head home and the rest kept to the by-pass all the way back to the ORS with a good 90km I would guess, in the bag. Although the sun didn't appear and the wind was strong in places, I think everyone would agree that we had a most enjoyable spin once again.

C Group Come Out for Easter Sunday

posted 31 Mar 2013, 13:02 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 31 Mar 2013, 13:02 ]

(By Kevin Monaghan)   
Another cold but dry morning greeted those who gathered at ORS on Easter Sunday morning.  While some of the assembled Wheelers were heading out on their own version of the Tour Of Flanders, the route plan suggested for the C group was to take them out to Tullamore via Rahugh. 

And so it was. Despite giving  the impression they were heading for Baltrasna bridge and the Royal canal, the fourteen-strong group headed out the N52 accompanied by a chilly south-easterly wind.  A fairly brisk pace was set and it wasn’t long until everyone was warmed up.  The lovely smooth tarmac surface on the new stretch of N52 helped everyone along and before long the group hit Tyrrellspass, turning left at the castle and a quick right for Tullamore via Rahugh.  Plenty of banter to be heard among the peleton along the way – nothing like a laugh to help the miles melt away.

Easter Eggs in Lakeside Wheelers helmet.
The Bridge Hotel was suggested as the coffee-stop.  It was great to see the smiling welcoming faces from the staff as they quickly dished out the tea/coffee, scones and toast, all of which was equally welcomed by the riders and quickly dispatched.  Great pit-stop and hopefully we’ll be back there shortly again.

Back on the road, there was a bit of a shock to see the flags blowing towards us as the group headed up the main street in Tullamore.  Thankfully the wind veered round to the right as the road direction changed and while it wasn’t exactly in our favour, we made steady progress back to Mullingar.  

Great to be able to dig into an Easter egg or two with a clear conscience, having burned up the calories on the roads of south Westmeath and Offaly.  Well done everybody and Happy Easter.

C Group Braves the Elements and Potholes

posted 26 Mar 2013, 16:38 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 27 Mar 2013, 15:09 ]

(By Kevin Monaghan)   
No group hug
Following the excitement of Friday night and Saturday morning in the company of the living cycling legend Seán Kelly, it was back down to earth on Sunday morning (24th March) for the usual Sunday spins.   Despite the biting easterly wind and snow showers, there was a good turnout in all groups at the ORS - the biggest problem being to find a bit of shelter before the groups rolled out.  Various strategies were adopted, from hiding behind concrete pillars, behind fellow Wheelers and even a suggestion for group hugs!  Unfortunately the call to action came before the latter could be implemented.

The dozen or so C Group troops opted to take on the easterly winds straight away and a route along the back roads to Mother Hubbards was the plan for the morning.  As if the elements wern't enough, the by-now infamous Curraghmore road was included in the route plan - just to give things that spring classics feel.

Once the potholes and gravel were overcome it was on through The Downs to Killucan and Kinnegad.  The group was reduced to eight by Kinnegad to to an unfortunate mechanical at Killucan - not a day to be forced off the bike when you're warmed up - as well as a few of the more sensible ones deciding to cut the spin slightly short and heading back from Kinnegad via Milltownpass.

The grit-like snow flurries sand-blasted the faces of the remainder of the group as the battled their way up the old N4 to Moyvalley. Every tactic in the book was used to minimise exposure to the headwind which was very strong and gusty, especially on exposed stretches.  Finally everyone arrived in one piece at Mother Hubbards where the tea/coffee, toast and scones were welcome.

While still cold, the return trip was a much easier spin with a welcome tailwind blowing everyone home.  The N4 was abandoned at Coralstown in favour of a route via Knockaville and Russellstown to avoid the single-lane traffic and bollards.  Yours truly suffered a late  visit from the puncture monster (it's not a fairy!) with about 6 miles to go - just to round off the day with a bit of extra hardship.  Thanks to David for his help and company back to ORS.  Well done to everyone for a good spin on a challenging day.

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