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Not A Spin for Rest And Recovery

posted 30 Aug 2015, 13:49 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 30 Aug 2015, 13:49 ]
(By Shane Corcoran)   
I lay in bed contemplating whether or not to get up and go for a spin, or roll over and take a well earned break. Having completed the Sean Kelly 160 last Sunday, I may have been forgiven for rolling over.

However as you might have guessed, I did get up and go for a spin. "I'll take it easy", I said, "rest and recovery week", I said, "just spinning out the legs", I said. 

On leaving the barracks, there was about ten of us heading to Summerhill, "nice and flat" he said. I noticed the pace a tad high but thought it should pull back after a bit, that is until Mick Reynolds wheeled up beside me with a clatter of A's. "Sure we'll all go together, we'll have manners" he said. Looked at my GPS and it showed we were travelling at about 36 km , "wrong group for rest and recovery week", I thought.

As we wheeled towards Killucan, there was a puncture call, and "thank God", says I as I took some water and a breath of air. I pedalled on contemplating turning for home in Killucan, but decided to keep going. A broken chain just outside Raharney provided another welcome break, and it is at that point the group split with most of the heavy hitters moving on and the rest of them heading to Summerhill at a steady pace, averaging about 31.6kpm to the tea stop.

Fed and watered, we headed for home, via Enfield.  I lasted until Coralstown and it was at that point that the pain got too much and I conceded to a pace that would get me home eventually.

Great spin, in a lot of pain, 104km on the clock - well done all.