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B more Boyscout!

posted 1 Mar 2015, 14:41 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 1 Mar 2015, 14:41 ]
There were enough "B"'s in ORS to form a number of groups. Roibeard announced that given the prevailing south west wind,  the route was out to Ballinea , onwards to Streamstown with a coffee break in Moate and back on the old N6 via Tyrrellspass. 

Our group rolled out and we worked hard against the wind towards Streamstown. Shortly after this point the weather got dramatically worse and soon the group split. The decision was then made not to take a coffee break and take a short cut through Rosemount. On reaching the old N6, we were now in a sleet shower. We turned left for Mullingar at Horseleap. Soon after this, one of our group was beginning to suffer from hypothermia. Luckily, one of the group knew a local resident who provided shelter for him until his lift arrived. We progressed from there to home in challenging conditions and got in the door at 11.45, frozen and with almost 70K on the clock .
Big lessons from today :
  1. Be prepared, Its Ireland and weather changes (bring a jacket)
  2. Mudguards: They are a necessity for group cycling
  3. Lights : for when weather such as this morning comes down.