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New Bikes Don't Push Themselves

posted 8 Mar 2015, 12:09 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 8 Mar 2015, 15:18 ]
(By Mark Monaghan - Sun. 8th March 2015)   
After missing the previous two Sunday Spins (thank God I missed last week!), it was time to get back in the saddle. After recently investing in a new bike I was eager to get out for a decent club spin hopeful in the thought that like when you got a new pair of runners when you were younger you always thought you could run faster!

Clonard Race 2015
Upon arrival to the ORS there was a large bunch of A riders gathered dissecting the previous days race in Clonard. We'll leave that one there! We duly split into two groups and set off for Summerhill via Killucan and Ballivor. 

Unfortunately the puncture fairy was also up early enjoying the early Spring sunshine and we had our first puncture before we hit The Downs, they say one person's misfortune is another's gain, this was the case as we were joined by a fellow Wheeler who had suffered the same fate before even arriving at the ORS. Quickly repaired, off we set on our merry way with a gale force wind on our backs. 

Before long we were in Summerhill where we differed to the planned route by heading for Enfield in order to avoid coming home via Delvin and the dreaded N52. We hit Enfield for a spot of refuelilng before tackling the gale force headwind that we would have to suffer the rest of the way home.

We quickly settled into a lovely rhythm with everybody sharing the work evenly. We spun along at a steady tempo and the miles seemed to drift by very quickly indeed and before we knew it we were making our way onto the N6 and a small bit of a lift in speed for home! All home safe and sound with 90 plus kilometres in the legs with an average of 31kmph. The bike may be new but it still needs to be pushed!

Second "A" Group
(By Graham Morgan)
On Saturday while planning a route I considered all the tired legs of Saturdays race Flat would be the order of the day, Siobhan Ryan Confirmed on the RTE weather that the winds would be moderate. I now know she meant moderate compared to Saturdays gales. Marking our way from ORS to the Downs and on down to Summerhill a group of 14 riders had no breeze and no problems, Then we turned for Trim a town not visited for a long time by the A group. From there on we had Westerly's,Easterlies, Trade winds and even a tropical storm coming from Delvin back to ORS. We all arrived back to car park with 100k on the clock and a vacancy for a new route planner as the last on got the sack.