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Left Is The Way I Always Go

posted 23 Aug 2015, 08:51 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 23 Aug 2015, 08:51 ]
(By Graham Morgan - Sun. 9th August)   

We met at the barracks where we decided to follow the B group's route to Clara with a tea stop in Tullamore and back via Tyrrellspass.

We were joined by a yank but seeing as he was Mick and Dermot's younger brother, Mick made sure to give him a bike that wouldn't go into the big ring to ensure he wouldn't be finishing with the groupetto. Alas the last we saw of Ken was in Horseleap as Dermot and Mick put the hammer down - brotherly love!

The pace was a steady 45 kph on the road back to Mullingar. As we got to Belvedere, Tosh took a sharp left taking half the group with him and the other half missing the turn, but as he pointed out that as he was first he didn't have time to take his hands of the handlebars to signal and besides left is the way he always goes so the lads should have known.

A great spin just under 80km with a 35kph average.