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"E"asy Riders

posted 4 Oct 2015, 13:38 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 4 Oct 2015, 13:38 ]
(By Gerry Wallace - Sat. 3rd October 2015)   
Saturday was a cold clear morning. As I approached the Barracks I noticed a number of cyclist's heading in the same direction. It was a very pleasant surprise on my arrival to notice a very large group of cyclists who wanted to experience a regulated group cycle at a moderate pace. As the group assembled it was dawning on Tom & myself that there were 15 eager cyclists wanting to experience the fun of cycling with a group of like minded people at a regulated pace. It was great to have Hugh Logan joining the group and offering to assist.

As we headed out of the Barracks  and slowly progressed onto the Tyrrellspass Road it was great to see everyone working together and making sure everyone  was on first name terms. As the group made steady progress to Dalystown, Tom and myself decided to throw a "curve ball" into the spin. Everyone had heard about the dreaded Gneevebawn Hill and we decided that cycling on open flat roads is great but the odd hill climb is great fun. With this in mind we headed onward to Rochfortbrige. As we exited Rochfortbridge we pulled over to demonstrate how the gears work on the modern racing bike   - some of the group thought gears only existed on a car. 

Once everyone had a better understanding of the gears it was onward to the coffee stop. Needless to say the group made a steady pace up Gneevebawn - some were actually wondering where was the climb. As usual Tom and myself were left behind and were the last "Wheelers" seen crossing over the incline. Once into Tyrrellspass it was into " The Grocery" for some well earned coffee/tea. As usual Anne and her very able staff were well geared for the invasion. For the new members to the group they were pleasantly surprised that the usual order was home-made scones with fresh cream and raspberry jam. I can only say that the additional calories are very quickly burnt off on the cycle home.
Once everyone was refreshed it was onward to Dalystown and before long the group was heading on the Belvedere Road and in the direction of the Barracks. The group arrived back at our base safe and sound. The general consensus of the group was that it was a most enjoyable and manageable cycle.

Are you looking to get fit over the Winter. Are you capable of cycling 20/25km and over 18. Lakeside Wheelers have the answer for you. Why not join like minded cyclists next Saturday. We are looking forward to welcoming one and all. As usual many thanks to Tom and Hugh for looking after the rear guard and giving me the odd push when needed. Looking forward to welcoming you to Lakeside Wheelers next week.