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D Group Report December 20th 2020

posted 28 Dec 2020, 03:13 by P.R.O Lakeside Wheelers

Ulrika Maher Club person of the year 2020

D Group Report

There was a group of fifteen out for the D Group spin on Saturday morning,  the route was to Castletown Geoghegan via Dalystown with a coffee stop in the Forge where Ulrika was presented with the club person of the year award.  On the route home some members took the Loughnavalley road while others chose to head home on the greenway. This was the last group spin of 2020. 


Lakeside Wheelers would like to wish all its members a happy and safe Christmas and we look forward to seeing everyone in the new year. 


"E"asy Riders

posted 4 Oct 2015, 13:38 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 4 Oct 2015, 13:38 ]

(By Gerry Wallace - Sat. 3rd October 2015)   
Saturday was a cold clear morning. As I approached the Barracks I noticed a number of cyclist's heading in the same direction. It was a very pleasant surprise on my arrival to notice a very large group of cyclists who wanted to experience a regulated group cycle at a moderate pace. As the group assembled it was dawning on Tom & myself that there were 15 eager cyclists wanting to experience the fun of cycling with a group of like minded people at a regulated pace. It was great to have Hugh Logan joining the group and offering to assist.

As we headed out of the Barracks  and slowly progressed onto the Tyrrellspass Road it was great to see everyone working together and making sure everyone  was on first name terms. As the group made steady progress to Dalystown, Tom and myself decided to throw a "curve ball" into the spin. Everyone had heard about the dreaded Gneevebawn Hill and we decided that cycling on open flat roads is great but the odd hill climb is great fun. With this in mind we headed onward to Rochfortbrige. As we exited Rochfortbridge we pulled over to demonstrate how the gears work on the modern racing bike   - some of the group thought gears only existed on a car. 

Once everyone had a better understanding of the gears it was onward to the coffee stop. Needless to say the group made a steady pace up Gneevebawn - some were actually wondering where was the climb. As usual Tom and myself were left behind and were the last "Wheelers" seen crossing over the incline. Once into Tyrrellspass it was into " The Grocery" for some well earned coffee/tea. As usual Anne and her very able staff were well geared for the invasion. For the new members to the group they were pleasantly surprised that the usual order was home-made scones with fresh cream and raspberry jam. I can only say that the additional calories are very quickly burnt off on the cycle home.
Once everyone was refreshed it was onward to Dalystown and before long the group was heading on the Belvedere Road and in the direction of the Barracks. The group arrived back at our base safe and sound. The general consensus of the group was that it was a most enjoyable and manageable cycle.

Are you looking to get fit over the Winter. Are you capable of cycling 20/25km and over 18. Lakeside Wheelers have the answer for you. Why not join like minded cyclists next Saturday. We are looking forward to welcoming one and all. As usual many thanks to Tom and Hugh for looking after the rear guard and giving me the odd push when needed. Looking forward to welcoming you to Lakeside Wheelers next week.

Sunny Saturday Spin for D Group

posted 28 Sept 2015, 05:18 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 28 Sept 2015, 05:18 ]

(By Gerry Wallace - Sat. 26th September 2015)   
Saturday was a beautiful morning, ideal for cycling. It was great to see a large turnout for our regular group cycle.  It was also great to see a large turnout for the "D" spin. With the Easy Riders progressing every Saturday it will not be too long before they will be very capable of joining this group. 

In order to keep the spins interesting, it was decided to bring the group on a magical mystery cycle. We headed out of the barracks and before long we were heading in the direction of Dysart. As we approached the village it was "turn left" and onward to the picturesque village of  Castletown Geoghegan. The group were nicely warmed up by now and we proceeded to our coffee break at The Distillery in Kilbeggan. The staff at the Distillery were well prepared for our group and coffee/tea and scones were the order of the day. 

Once the legs were rested and the fuel levels restored it was onward towards Tyrrellspass. To make the cycle more interesting Tom and myself decided to detour onto the Raheenmore road. It wasn't long before our decision was questioned, road re-surfacing left portions of the surface very uncomfortable - fortunate for all there were no mishaps. The group made steady progress and before long we were heading back towards Belvedere on the main road. Some of the group continued on the main road while Tom and myself opted for the easy option and proceeded onto the old Lynn road.

Before long it was onto the Grange road and back to the Barracks.  The general consensus was that everyone enjoyed the cycle and the mystery back roads we used this week. 

If you can cycle 20/25 km we would be delighted to welcome you to our regulated Saturday spins. We meet at 9.00 a.m. 
Looking forward to seeing one and all next Saturday.

D Group Eases into Autumn

posted 13 Sept 2015, 13:53 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 13 Sept 2015, 13:53 ]

(By Maurice Molloy - Sat. 12th September 2015)   
Guess what... sometimes the weather in Ireland can be deceiving.  That was the case on Saturday morning, as it looked bright and sunny looking out from the kitchen window, no need for the jacket I thought.  Cycling the 2km and arriving in the Barracks, I had changed my mind. It was chilly and quite windy.
A quick confab with the officials and it was decided Tom & Gerry would lead out the group of six beginners.  El Presidente would lead out the D group, of 10 hardly souls.  The most robust discussion was on where we should stop for coffee.  Leonie was adamant that one suggested establishment scored poorly on the scones, brown bread and coffee front, however, the tea was passable – and hence did not pass the D Wheelers minimum standard.  The route Mr.President brought us on was towards Rosemount, Horseleap and Tyrrellspass and it was made tougher by a head wind, that never seemed to help us on the way home... what is it about cycling in the wind...
Yours truly and Joe skipped the tea break in T’pass as we both that “hot dates” (not). I tried to stay with Joe on the way home, and he reminded me periodically that he was a pensioner of sorts, and then he smiled and cranked up the pace yet again.  Back in the barracks with 67km on the clock, and average of 25km.

Gerry Wallace's Report
After a nice turnout last Saturday, for the first easy, regulated spin for new members, it was great to see the same new faces turning up this weekend for our regular cycle. The day was nice and dry but now Autumn is upon us it will not be long before the long sleeve gear will be out of moth balls. Tom and myself took the "Easy Rider" group in hand, along with some additional new faces  and decided that since they enjoyed the coffee and scones in Tyrrellspass it would be hard to pass up on another visit to The Grocery. Out of the barracks and it was soon evident that we would have a strong wind in our faces. As ever the gentleman, Tom took the lead position, offering some shelter to the group. I did my usual party piece and stayed well tucked in at the rear, just in case anyone needed a push up the hills. (well that's my excuse).

It was not long before the road to Dalystown beckoned.  Tyrrellspass was soon reached and the grocery were well prepared with fresh coffee, tea and their famous home-made scones. The general consensus of the group was that the cycling is only an excuse to have a weekly treat of scones, fresh cream and raspberry jam. At least we burn the calories off on the cycle home. Others of course enjoy the few hours break away from motherly chores.

Once the troops were replenished we mounted up for the return to town. This week at least we had some wind assistance in our favour. The group returned, together, refreshed, well watered and in the knowledge they had their weekly exercise workout complete. Looking forward to seeing one and all next Saturday.

If you have the ability to cycle 20/25 km and would like to join the Wheelers - you are most welcome to come with us on our Saturday, easy ride spins. We leave the barracks at 9.00a.m.

Easy Riders

posted 8 Sept 2015, 01:17 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 8 Sept 2015, 01:17 ]

(By Gerry Wallace - Sat.5th September)
This Saturday was earmarked for new members to join us for a leisurely, easy going cycle from Columb Barracks. It was great to see Tom Carolan back in the saddle and looking fit and eager to take control of this new group along with the ever helpful Shane and myself.   The main focus of this group is to introduce cyclists to a controlled, leisurely and easy going cycle, at manageable speed. The word was out and eight eager new members assembled at the barracks. 

After the initial introductions it was out on the open road. A nice steady pace was soon reached and everyone was comfortable with the progress. Before long we were heading out towards Belvedere and onward to Dalystown. The road to Tyrrellspass soon was in sight and the thought of coffee/tea and fresh homemade scones at the Grocery beckoned. As always Ann was well prepared for us and the group enjoyed a well earned break. 

The cycle home was a little more difficult due to a head wind. Needless to say the group stayed together and arrived back to our base safe and sound. As always we go out together and come back together. The general consensus was that the group enjoyed the spin. They were well able to manage the speed and distance and are all looking forward to next week. 

If you have some experience of cycling and would like to join us for a group cycle, we will be assembling again next Saturday at Columb Barrracks at 9.00 a.m..

Ollie's Magical Mystery Tour

posted 30 Aug 2015, 13:42 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 30 Aug 2015, 13:42 ]

(By Gerry Wallace - Sat. 29th August 2015)   
Saturday morning provided perfect conditions for our weekly spin. With so many charity cycles over the last few weeks our numbers were well diminished. The ten hardy regulars were at a variance on what route we would take. Ollie had recently scouted out a new route and we all decided we would follow our Club President. James and Maurice were suitably attired in their well earned Sean Kelly An Post tops, having completed the grueling tour of Waterford last week. 
As usual "the Maher girls" dressed in their very dashing pink tops. 

Saddled up, we headed in the direction of Ballinea. With so much chat and banter, the group turned onto the Dysart road, only to be reprimanded by Ollie - we were going wrong. About-turn and onward down the road to Loughnavalley. Up the back road and into Castletown we then headed for Kilbeggan. Since the distance travelled at this juncture did not warrant the usual tea and scones it was down the back roads to Rahugh - thankfully our tea stop, Tyrrellspass, was well sign posted and as the speed increased the group arrived at the Castle. As usual the staff were ever efficient and pots of tea/coffee and warm scones were the order of the day. 

Well replenished, we headed for home taking the detour at Belvedere and down the road to Lynn. Just when we thought we were nearing our home base the clouds exploded - the last 2km were cycled in a downpour - the hot shower was a definite godsend on returning home.

I would just like to thank the group for nursing me on Ollie's Odyssey.

New Members
Would you like to experience the pleasure of cycling with Ireland's largest club? Worried about the distances covered by the Saturday D group?  Worry no more. If you have cycled before  and have some experience of cycling (can you comfortably cycle 20/25 km) why not try a club spin next Saturday. We will be catering for any new adult members next Saturday (9.00 a.m.) at Columb Barracks. All you need is a roadworthy bike, helmet and the price of a cup of tea. 
Looking forward to welcoming you to Lakeside Wheelers

Summer Saturday Outing for D Group

posted 23 Aug 2015, 08:44 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 23 Aug 2015, 08:44 ]

(By Leonie Maher - Sat. 8th August)   
On Saturday last the D Group Wheelers gathered on what was a beautiful summer's morning. It was great to see newcomers Eileen and Loretta back for a second time and flying it.  With 24 cyclists we split into two groups with one group grabbing an opportunity to watch Colm (otherwise known as MacGyver) repair a buckled tyre.

Off we peddled in a loop around the outskirts of the town towards the N4.  Close to Raharney we then had a puncture in the group. Yet again, MacGyver didn't buckle, unlike the previous wheel. Onwards to Ballivor then, via Killucan. The bends and meanders led us to Clonard where attractively laid tables of fresh scones awaited. Not forgetting the jam (thank you Frank)  and of course... the cream (cheers David)!

After an enjoyable tea stop it was homeward bound to Mullingar through Kinnegad and Coralstown  thankfully with no more repairs!! 80km... Well done everyone. We miss you Ski

Tullamore Scone-Tasting Expedition

posted 3 Aug 2015, 11:13 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 3 Aug 2015, 11:13 ]

(By Leonie Maher - Sat. 1st August 2015)   
Thankfully August 1st stood up to the plate and acted like Summer. Under the warmth of the rays we chatted at the clubhouse about possible routes and groupings. It was decided we would divide into two groups as we had some newcomers... welcome all!  The president and his footman Gerry led group one and so it was outward bound for me in the company of group two.

Our mission as we saw it, was a scone tasting (testing more like) event in Tullamore at Clonmore House Hotel. Not only have we increased our cycling ability in the D Group, but also a more 'refined' palate for scones too. Our journey from Mullingar took us on a breezy spin to scenic Tyrrellspass and onto Tullamore via the quiet, idyllic roads of Rahugh.
A very enjoyable tea stop ensued at Clonmore House whereby stories grew quicker than Pinocchio's nose.

Homeward bound towards Mullingar, this time via Kilbeggan, Ballinagore and Dalystown metropolis. With 73km on the clock (thanks Maurice!) we were ready to start the bank holiday weekend.
In case I get given out to again re: last week's notes... Yes D's... We did cycle 85km last Saturday 25th July. Now all of Westmeath know! Maith thú!

Bright Start to a Dull D Day

posted 19 Jul 2015, 15:44 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 19 Jul 2015, 15:45 ]

(By Leonie Maher - Sat 18th July 2105)   
As sixteen Wheelers rolled into the clubhouse on Saturday last, they were compelled to wear their sports shades fairly lively. 9am was a bit early for the sight of Gerry in luminous yellow Lycra from head to cleat. A sight to behold indeed.

Luckily, darkness from the rain clouds came to our aid and we managed to 'focus' on the road towards Tyrrellspass via Rochfortbridge. We were already drying off as we shared delicious scones and coffee in Tyrrellspass Castle.

Bellies content, we headed back towards Mullingar via blooming hedges at Raheenmore. Following suit over the blustery Joe Dolan bridge, we arrived back safe and sound with 58km on the computer with an average speed of 26kmph. Looking forward to the next spin...Here's hoping Gerry will take some wardrobe tips from the black widow!

New members welcome to join the Lakeside Wheelers Cycling Club on the first Saturday of every month. Why not come along for a sociable spin at 9am at Column Barracks. See you there! 

The Black Widow Strikes

posted 13 Jul 2015, 09:54 by Kevin Monaghan   [ updated 13 Jul 2015, 09:54 ]

(By Gerry Wallace - Sat. 11th July 2015)   
Saturday was bleak and windy as twenty regulars convened at the Barracks. Ollie, ever conscious of the weather and windy conditions, decided that the best plan of action was to head into the wind in the knowledge that the homeward spin would be easier.  So out of the barracks and onward towards Dysart.  

Picture of black widow spider
I am delighted to report the group were not shocked or surprised by my new top. Of course Leonie was wondering if I had washed it since Killarney. This week Leonie was ever resplendent in "black".  The thought of a "black widow" in our company did not deter the group. 

As the group descended into Dysart it was decided to split into 2, Suzanne led out the first group onward towards Horseleap. Ollie and myself proceeded with the remaining group. Not happy in Horseleap to head straight to the Distillery it was cross country to Clara. With a strong wind on our backs it was not long before the mandatory coffee stop in Kilbeggan arrived. The first group appeared to be very comfortable when we arrived, smug in the knowledge they had only left 3 scones remaining for our group. 

After the customary banter, the first group headed off on the return spin to town. Our group headed on towards Raheenmore and up the road to Dalystown. The curse of the Black Widow finally struck. It was no coincidence  that I was the un-fortunate one to suffer the puncture. With quick assistance from Ollie it was back on the road. Of course some times things never go to plan and 2km up the road yours truly suffered a second puncture. Someone suggested that it was never appropriate to talk about your fellow cyclists behind their backs. Mea culpa Leonie. 
With repairs complete and my supply of tubes exhausted it was onward to the Barracks watching out for every pothole.
The group had completed 64 km and all arrived back to base safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing all next week.

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