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Below you'll find reports and updates from the various organised group cycles that take place weekly.  Thanks to all group leaders and other contributors for your ongoing input and commitment.

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Saturday D Group Spin 19th Sept 2020

posted 23 Sep 2020, 01:41 by Site Admin   [ updated 23 Sep 2020, 01:43 ]

Saturday D Group Spin 19th Sept 2020


Saturday a large group, within guidelines met at O' Briens. The new "C" group under the watchful guidance of Ulrika & Pat detailed their proposed route.

The D group with Tom Carolan and myself opted for a scenic route. We headed to Dalystown across to Rochfortbridge and across the bog to Rhode. On our arrival in Rhode we were met by a very irate "Dublin" driver - how he escaped from the Capital is beyond me. He proceeded to demonstrate to us that the roads were for vehicular traffic only. With a polite wave we ignored him, which left him completely speechless and headed for Croughan. From here it was onto Tyrrellspass and a well-earned coffee/scone in the Castle.
It was here by unanimous decision Lorraine was handed the "golden handle bars" and chain of office and was duly recognised as the "new" mother hen.  After the customary acceptance speech it was homeward bound. A very healthy 60km in the legs. Well done one and all.

Beginners Cycling Course
There have been a few enquiries about an adult beginners course. Did you buy a bike during the lockdown? Would you like to join the Wheelers?.
It is proposed to offer a beginner course starting on the 4th October. Over 6 weeks we will slowly get you cycling from couch to 50km.
Due to Covid restrictions registration will be required and numbers will be limited. If you are interested contact Gerry Wallace 087 2557733 for details.


Saturday D Group Spin 12th September 2020

posted 15 Sep 2020, 09:28 by Site Admin

Saturday D Group Spin 12th September 2020


A large group assembled at O' Briens for the regular Saturday spin. It was windy but nice, a little chilly and a gentle reminder that it will not be long before the winter gear will be required. Under the capable hands of Ulrika and Pat the first group were dispatched heading for Loughnavalley. Tom and myself took charge of the remainder and headed in the same direction. The route had been pre-arranged and the coffee stop was scheduled for Tuar Ard in Moate. Needless to say Ulrika put the hammer down and her group had most of the fresh scones demolished by the time of our arrival. Our group were left with the crumbs and the 100 raisins she had meticulous picked from her scone. Why on earth she could not ask for a plain scone.?? With both groups refreshed the first group headed home via Horseleap. Our group took the scenic route along the Greenway with a nice breeze in our backs. It is great to see how popular this amenity has become. All arrived home safely after a very steady 70km.
From next week it has been decided that a designated "C" group will be formed. Under the very capable hands of Ulrika and Pat they will arrange the routes and tea stops. Regrettably it will no longer be possible for the two Saturday groups to converge on the same place for the customary stop. The success of the Saturday spins and the number turning up has led to this decision. In view of social distancing we are concerned for all of our members and your safety is paramount.
Looking forward to seeing one and all next week.



B Group Notes Sunday 6th September 2020

posted 7 Sep 2020, 08:01 by Site Admin

B Group Notes Sunday 6th September 2020


For the second consecutive week there were enough Wheelers out on Sunday morning to make up two groups. It doesn't really matter if these groups are called B1 & B2 or faster B's/slower B's. The fact is that for the first time in a long time with the B's we now have enough members coming out consistently on Sunday mornings to be able to run two groups and this is wonderful news for the club group structure overall. Having two viable and consistent B groups operating allows club riders much more scope to match their fitness levels to the group of their choice. Whether it's a fast D group rider who wants to improve and start to cycle with the B2 group or a faster A2 rider who has been off the bike for a while and wants to start rebuilding their fitness and finds the pace of the B1 group more suitable, that option is now there so please continue to show up for the Sunday morning spin. 

The club is very lucky that we have very capable group leaders to safely marshall these different groups every week so keep coming out to those spins. If you haven't been out in a while then now you know that there is a suitable group there for you. If you are not a member and would like to know more about us then email

Saturday D Group Spin 5th September 2020

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Members enjoying the tea stop at Tullynally Castle on Saturday 5th September

Saturday D group spin 5th September 2020


Saturday a large group assembled at O' Brien's. Word had spread a member of the group was celebrating a major milestone so everyone wanted to be in on the act. For safety and social distancing the groups split into 2. The first group under the capable leadership of Ulrika and Tosh headed out towards Ballinafid. Hot on their heels the second group followed.
It was a leisurely spin to Ballinafid and onto Multyfarnham. From here the group took the scenic route to Coole. The customary tea/scone stop was arranged for Tullynally Castle. Elaine and her excellent staff had the tables ready and beautiful homemade scones for everyone.
The Birthday boy (Jim Murray) was left speechless when a cake was presented and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" could be heard around the courtyard. Poor Jim, for once in his life had no reply.
Once refreshed the first group headed into Castlepollard and Tosh brought them on the scenic lake road and into Collinstown. From here it was cross country towards Clonkill and home.
The second group headed for Bratty road and cross country back to town. Both groups had a respectable distance and everyone returned safely.
A warm welcome to the new faces this morning. I hope you all enjoyed your first outing with the Lakeside Wheelers and we look forward to seeing you next week, if we didn't put you off.

B Group Spin

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B Group Spin Sunday 23rd August 2020


A group of 14 set off from our temporary HQ at O'Brien's carpark at 9.00 with Mark Horohoe deputising as group leader for the absent Eugene Duffy ( enjoy your holidays Eugene). With people coming back from either long breaks from cycling or just the holidays, the pace was kept nice and reasonable and chatter could be heard from the group for the entire spin. We stopped to attend to a puncture just outside Clara and it was rumoured that the best man to help fix a puncture in the club was in attendance so we expected to be back on the bikes in jig time. Sure enough the cry of 'saddle up' was soon heard and we were back on our way.

A nice indoor tea stop in Applegreen in Tullamore was had. We were lucky that there was lots of available seating so we were able to spread out and chat in our little groups.

Even though it's getting late in the cycling season you know some people mean business when they have swapped the usual sticky bun or even a breakfast roll and Coke for a mixed green salad and mineral water!

Back onto the bikes and with the wind more or less in our backs we were soon in Tyrrellspass via the back roads, then up Guinebawn hill into Rochfort Bridge. A few folks were starting to feel the kilometers in the legs at this stage and the pace was 'adjusted' to allow a breather. However that didn't last too long as recent runner turned cyclist Bernard Groenewald broke from the back of the bunch up the long drag into Gainstown and for home. A few others gave chase and anyone who wasn't tired out by then certainly was by the time Mullingar came into view. A very enjoyable spin with a great group and 95 kilometers completed.

D Group spin Saturday 15th August 2020

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D Group spin Saturday 15th August 2020



Paul Gibney (Chairman) join's D's for their Saturday morning spin.

Gerry Wallace and Anto Nolan Birthday boys. 


Saturday morning in excess of 26 turned up for the D group spin. A number of members had heard our Chairman, Paul Gibney was joining us. Such a fan club he has.
Two groups headed  north out of town on the road to Delvin. A small detour was arranged to wish our good friend and fellow cyclist, Anto (Anthony Nolan) a very Happy Birthday. After a chorus of "Happy Birthday" it was down the road, heading to Delvin. A change in direction brought the second group up the hilly road to Drumcree. The first group, not listening to instructions, took a short cut.
Onward to Collinstown and into Castlepollard. The coffee stop had been pre-arranged for Tullynally Castle. Elaine and her excellent staff served up beautiful tea/coffee and scones. The two birthday boys even got a slice of cake. They couldn't fit enough candles on my slice, needless to say. If you are passing by the castle on any weekend up until the end of September make sure you call into the Tea Rooms. Great service, lovely food and spectacular views.
After the break the first group headed onto Coole, Multyfarnham and home to base. The second group took the scenic route along Bratty Road, Clonkill and home.
A very respectable 66km and 520 metres of climbing. Some of the group suggested a very flat route for next week - dream on!
Looking forward to seeing one and all next Saturday.

By Gerry Wallace Group Leader…

D Group Spin Saturday 8th August

posted 10 Aug 2020, 04:10 by Site Admin   [ updated 10 Aug 2020, 04:11 ]

Liam Loughman takes centre stage!!

Liam Loughman takes centre stage as Gerry Wallace does the ground work in Waterford on the newly open Greenway.. Saturday morning  saw a wonderful crowd turn up at O Briens for the weekly  Saturday  spin. Two group's  headed  of in the direction of Rochfordbridge  onto  Rhode up Croghan hill and into Tyrrellspass  where Ulrika had a social banquet  fit for a king organised…The socially  distanced  banquet/birthday  party was fantastic  and locals  could hear the music and laughter  for miles around. Liam doing what Liam does best. Gave us fantastic  entertainment  when he filled in as late substitute  for our fearless leader Gerry Wallace  who was celebrating  a milestone birthday.  After all the fun and games we set off for Dalystown  and onto Mullingar. With 70k on the clock on what was another fantastic beautiful  sunny day spent with a great bunch of people. Roll on next week. 

 Happy Birthday Gerry from all your Lakeside Wheeler buddies!!

Gerry Wallace D Group Leader

A Group Spin Sunday 9th August 2020

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A/B Group Spin Sunday 9th August



A group split into 2 groups this morning. Both groups headed to Crookedwood Collinstown, Dromone, Lough Crew and on to Oldcastle for a tea stop. The home stretch was Castlepollard, Coole, Multyfarnham and on to Mullingar. 110kms on the clock… Another great Sunday spin had by all.



Sunday A Group Report 19th July 2020

posted 27 Jul 2020, 03:53 by Site Admin

Sunday A/B Group Spin 19th July 2020


Two A groups and one B group went out for this mornings spin with 105km under the belt in what can only be described as a fantastic morning for a club spin. Today’s route :-Mullingar to Killucan on to Raharney, Drumcree Collinstown with a tea stop in Castlepollard. Home via Coole, Lismacaffrey, Streete, Ballinacaragy,  Skeagh Rathconrath and on to Mullingar. The pace picked up at Skeagh and a good gallop home was had by all…

D Group Spin 18th July 2020

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Saturday D Group Spin 18th July 2020


With the lockdown stopping all club cycles since March it is nice to slowly get back out for the Saturday spin. This Saturday 22 turned up, at our new departure point - O' Briens on the Lynn Road. With the safety of all of paramount importance the groups were split into two. The first group were taken on the road by Pat, Jim & the ever "bossy" Ulrika. I took responsibility for the second group. I had pre-planned the route and headed off to Dalystown taking in Rochfortbridge and the nice climb at Gneevebawn and on through Tyrrellspass. The groups then headed cross country through Raheenmore, Ballinagore and onto Castletown Geoghegan. I had a real treat arranged for the groups. Our long time member and friend, Adrian Murphy hasn't let the grass grow under his feet during Covid. He has transformed the "Forge" into a fine cafe. With plenty of outdoor tables, social distancing was never an issue. Adrian and his excellent staff were on hand to serve us with beautiful coffees and home made scones.
I understand that he is also doing food up to 9 in the evening. Well worth the detour. The D group wish Adrian, his family and staff every success with a wonderful addition to the village.
After the break the groups headed back to base on the Greenway. The groups had completed 55 km. Great to see so many out again, after such a long break.
Wednesday night spins for the D group have re-commenced leaving O' Briens at 6.30p.m.
See one and all next week.


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