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Below you'll find reports and updates from the various organised group cycles that take place weekly.  Thanks to all group leaders and other contributors for your ongoing input and commitment.

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D Group Spin Saturday 10th July

posted 11 Jul 2021, 10:47 by Site Admin

D Group Notes
"Colour Co-ordination is the order of the day"

A large group of the regular D group assembled at O' Briens for the weekly spin. Certain members were missing in action ?. I would say some of the group have caught the holiday bug. A quick change of route had to be arranged. In the present climate it is very difficult to arrange the mid-way coffee stop where everyone is safe and social distancing is adhered to.
The consensus was to head towards Kilbeggan. The group departed and headed down the road to Dysart and on to Horseleap. To add a bit of flavour to the route a detour to Clara was called. From here it was back towards Kilbeggan and a well deserved coffee at the filling station on the Tyrrellspass road.
A break from the norm was the presentation of a well deserved prize to Nuala. Her co-ordinated lipstick with matching helmet was very tasteful. Who says men don't notice these things?  After the banter and break it was on towards Rahenmore and down the back road to Dalystown. From Belvedere it was everyone for themselves and the pace back to O'Briens quickly intensified. Everyone made it back safely and in one piece. The spin covered 60km at a very credible 25km per hr. 
C group spin this morning, one group of 15 people. Distance 83km  ave speed 26.5km. 
Route: Delvin, Drumcree, Collinstown, Fore( Lovely Coffee stop at Ned's Forge ), Castlepollard, Coole, Multyfarnham, Mullingar.

Please let the Club Secretary know if you want to take part in next week's fun time trial. Ulrika and her team have done a lot of planning so it would be lovely to see everyone attend. If I am up to giving it a go, there is no excuse for the rest of you. The regular Saturday spin will be re-scheduled for 24th July. Notes by Gerry Wallace.

A Group Spin Sunday 11th July

posted 11 Jul 2021, 10:43 by Site Admin

A Group Notes

The number of riders who assembled at our temporary meeting point at O’Brien’s was once again impressive in spite of several of the clubs racers missing as they were competing at the open races in Moynalty. Two A groups and one B group formed up and headed out on the pre-planned routes. While it wasn’t a unseasonably cold morning many riders had overshoes and long sleeves or a jacket on - was this being over cautious? After all we have been very lucky weather wise in the last while. It didn’t take long at all for the answer to be quite clear. Once the rain started about half an hour into the spin it literally didn’t stop for the remaining two and a half hours. Oh well it was warm Summer rain, at least that’s what we told ourselves.
Mark Horohoe, one of the group leaders, put together this route which took us out towards Kinnegad onto Ballivor and left at Addinstown Cross. Those who were feeling the incessant rain might have hoped that we were headed straight to Delvin and then left for Mullingar. Not today. We made a right and travelled past Ballinlough Castle onto Clonmellon and where we met the other A group for a very quick coffee stop. Back on the bikes we headed deeper into County Meath and although I was brought up not far from where we were, I still didn’t recognise many of the roads which Mark’s route had us travelling on!
If you want to consider yourself a true cyclist, in Ireland anyway, there are two main things you must come to terms with - one being the weather and the other the inevitable punctures. Two of these punctures be-felled the group and as we waited in the pouring rain there was some funny banter going around. Somebody produced a large bag of sweets and it was noted that Michael Murtagh had his fair share. We must remember never to give Michael sweets again because once he got to the head of the group on the Delvin road the speed went up way beyond comfortable. But we hung on in a 'strung out group' with Aidan Daly and Stephen Corroon taking the honours. 97 Km at 32 km/h average. Not bad for a wet Sunday spin. Notes by Paul Gibney.

D group Spin Saturday 3rd July 2021

posted 4 Jul 2021, 11:53 by Site Admin

"Luck of the Irish strikes again"

With the heavy rain which fell on Friday night a small number of the regular D group turned up for our weekly spin. The remainder decided on a lie in.
The group headed out towards Dalystown (waterproof jackets were the order of the day). From Dalystown it was down the road to Ballinagore and onto Kilbeggan. The waterproof jackets were discarded, which was a wrong call, and the group proceeded onto Horseleap. No sooner through the village than the heavens opened and a quick stop was called to replace the waterproof's. By the time the group got to Moate we were like drowned kittens. The thought going through everyone's mind was that the coffee would have to be outdoors, in the rain. We should not have worried. Shirley, Mary and the ever efficient staff in Tuar Ard had the open area fully covered with appropriate umbrella's and were on hand with towels and shawl's for the ladies that were showing a little bit of wear. Gerry even got a padded cushion. What service. The coffee and scones were a welcome treat and hit the right spot. If there was a prize for going over and above the staff in Tuar Ard deserve it. What service, with a friendly smile. As we readied for the Greenway home another group from Tullamore CC were arriving for their deserved break. Such a popular venue for cyclists.

The spin home along the Greenway was dry but windy. You never get the benefit of the wind in your back. The group arrived back in town with a very enjoyable 70km covered.
For one of the group there was added excitement, like a previous Wheeler, he received a phone call from the Credit Union to say he had won the car in their monthly draw. Well done David Fox.  The Wheelers now have 2 winners from this monthly draw. Needless to say we will probably see him with a new bike shortly?

Don't forget to register for the Club TT on the 17th July. It will be a fun event and Ulrika has promised some lovely buns and sandwiches in Brownes.
See everyone next Saturday.
C Group                                                                             D Group

B Group spin Sunday 27th June 2021

posted 27 Jun 2021, 11:30 by Site Admin

There were two B groups for last Sunday’s spin. A route was drawn up and followed which brought many of us onto roads never previously either cycle or driven. The deep Irish countryside was looking really lovely on this fine Summer Sunday morning so it didn’t feel too long at all before we reached our tea stop with slightly over half the route already completed. Of course these day's Covid means no one can use indoor seating but our lucky streak of dry weather at the weekends means this isn’t an issue at the moment. The other bit of luck that has been on our side and every cyclist is thankful for is lack of punctures for the last while - maybe that’s because we are well outside the hedge cutting season so thorns etc have ‘disappeared’ for the moment. We finished with a bit of a gallop back into Mullingar with slightly over 90 km completed. It’s been a real pleasure to get back with groups since restrictions have allowed as everyone Is in flying form and the craic is always good.

B Group Sunday morning spin.

D Group spin Saturday 26th June 2021

posted 27 Jun 2021, 11:09 by Site Admin

 "Club Pro makes a welcome return to the ranks"

It was an emotional gathering at O' Briens on Saturday. Our renowned PRO decided to grace us with her presence. Little did she realise the baptism of fire we had in store for her.
A group of 24 assembled and with the route pre-arranged it was out of town heading towards Delvin. A strong headwind sapped the energy until we reached Caddagh Cross. It was a welcome relief when we headed up the road to Raharney with shelter from the high ditch along the way. Through Raharney it was on the road towards the Hill of Down, detouring onto the Trim road and into Kinnegad for a well deserved stop at the Plaza. The weather turned very cold and the coffee break was a short event this week.  After this it was home through Coralstown  down to Russellstown and home. A very credible 67km on the clock. I'd say we won't see Lorraine for a week or two after this spin. Maybe she will not leave it so long the next time. Well done to Amii, Emer, Ger & Olivia - some new faces to the D's. It will not be long before we lose them to the C group. 

If any D's are available on the 7th July a helping hand is needed at the Midland League race. Meeting at "Wallace's" pub in Dalystown.

The up-coming novelty time trial is scheduled for the 17th July. Why not give it a go. Register your interest by emailing the Club Secretary. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday. 
Notes by Gerry Wallace.

D group coffee stop at the plaza Kinnegad.

Kinnitty Castle MTB Trails

posted 20 Jun 2021, 12:11 by Site Admin

Last Saturday at 8:30am a group of Lakeside Wheelers and friends met in the car park at Kinnitty Castle at the bottom of the Slieve Blooms for a morning of riding the recently developed mountain bike trails. There were ten of us in total with a few in particular who knew the trail layout very well which was a great asset to the rest of us. Having been so dry recently the trails were riding very well. Roy Carey who is one of those with pretty extensive knowledge of the trails, did mention that in his opinion the trails rode possibly even better when they are a little damp which should bode well for average Irish weather!
There were mountain bike wheel sizes ranging from 26, 27.5 and the more common 29 inch all out for a blast. But to have a ‘blast’ coming down the trails necessitates putting in the hard work grinding up to the trailhead in the first place! But don’t let that put you off because on road cycling where groups try and stay together on drags and hills, with mountain biking everyone goes up the inclines at their own pace which gives plenty of time to admire the pretty spectacular views and scenery we witnessed in the fine weather last Saturday. The mood was casual and relaxed with the faster climbers waiting for everyone else to join them at the top of each trailhead. 
We completed all of the opened red trails and then dropped down into the slightly more forgiving and less technical blue trail loops which finish out on the relatively flat grounds leading back to the car park. It’s something everyone who was there last Saturday is keen to do again before too long. Thanks to committee member Seamus Clarke for organising this outing and we definitely look forward to the next one. 


Big welcome back at Tuar Ard, Moate

posted 20 Jun 2021, 12:00 by Site Admin

D/C Group spin Saturday 19th June.
    A hardy group of 22 turned up for the Saturday spin. It was a little overcast but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the group. Eddie & Mick kindly took charge of the second group on the road and we soon found out where allegiances lie. Enough said.
Tom Carolon & Gerry Wallace took charge of the first group and since the routes are now pre-planned everyone knows where each weekly spin is going to and the distance. We headed out to Loughnavalley and on over the hill at Uisneach - thankfully the descent was in our favour. From here it was a nice scenic route through Streamstown and into Rosemount. The coffee stop was pre-planned and it was lovely to be calling to Shirley in Tuar Ard for a well deserved tea and scone. It has been a long break and thankfully nothing had changed. Shirley and her ever efficient staff were ready and had our tables set with an emphasis on social distance and safety. I think everyone will agree it is the one place to stop for friendly, efficient staff and the best scone in town.
Once everyone was watered and fed it was onto the Greenway for the spin home.

All of the groups arrived back at base with a very enjoyable 68km completed. Well done to Emer & Paula - it won't be long before they will be booted up to the C group.

If there is a route any member of the group would like to cycle in the coming weeks please let Gerry Wallace know and we can arrange the same.

C Group Route
Delvin, Drumcree, Collinstown, Castlepollard, Tullynally (coffee stop), Coole, Multyfarnham, Mullingar 80km.

See all next Saturday
Group report by Gerry Wallace.

D Group
C Group

D Group Saturday 12 June 2021

posted 16 Jun 2021, 03:32 by Site Admin   [ updated 16 Jun 2021, 03:36 ]

D Group Spin.
  A large group of D riders assembled at O'Briens on Saturday. Many thanks to Maurice who took control of the first group. Eddie was on hand to take out the second group. Tom had decided to take a well earned break. The route this week focused on a hilly spin. Both groups headed out the Longford road and at Ballinafid headed up "piggery" into Multy. From here it was across the bog road heading to Coole. The groups were pleasantly surprised to be overtaken by some senior riders who overtook the group at lightning pace. At the coffee stop in Tullynally Castle it was revealed this group had electric bikes. I think I will be signing up for one shortly.
The coffee break at Tullynally was enjoyed by everyone. Such a beautiful setting - sitting in the courtyard with the castle as a backdrop. Matthew & Makayla along with their excellent staff served up lovely fresh scones and coffee. Look them up if you are in their locality.
After refreshments it was into Castlepollard and up Bratty road. This gave the group a testing hilly route home. The groups arrived back in town after completing a very respectable 64km.
The C Groups route on Saturday morning took in Dysart, Streamstown, Rosemount, Moate (Tuar Ard  for the coffee stop) Horseleap, Kilbeggan, Ballinagore, Dalystown, Mullingar. Approx 70km.

C Group at the coffee stop.

A Group Spin 13 June 2021

posted 16 Jun 2021, 03:28 by Site Admin   [ updated 16 Jun 2021, 03:34 ]

 A/B Group Spin
        There was definitely the aroma of sunscreen in the air as the A and B groups from Lakeside Wheelers assembled at O’Briens car park on the Lynn Road. Two decent sized A groups headed off towards Horseleap where we took the back road into Clara and then on to Rahan and stopping for tea and coffee at Blue Ball. By this time it seemed that Met Eireann may have been correct with their weather predictions as the air temperature was definitely getting warmer. With still over 50 Km to go this prompted several people to buy water to replenish supplies lest the dreaded cramp affect anyone in the push for home. However the promised low to mid 20° temperatures did not materialise and a very light shower of rain greeted us as we crossed back into Westmeath. The one thing we were thankful for was that no one suffered punctures on this trip so the 105 km was covered in decent time.
The Midland Inter Club League or MIL for short makes its welcome return next Thursday, June 17 and will run until August 19. This is a well-known and beloved series of races held in various villages and crossroads throughout the Midlands and hosted by the several clubs involved.
A huge amount of organisation goes into these types of events and for many years our representative on the MIL committee was Steven Franzoni based in Outdoor Escape. It was he who organised and coordinated all of the various efforts needed to successfully and safely host two MIL races every Summer on behalf of the club. Steven is now stepping away as Lakeside Wheelers rep for the league. We thank him for everything he’s done in the past and wish him and his business well for the future.
His replacement is Brendan Kiernan or ‘Tosh‘ to those who know him. Best of luck to Tosh in this new role and I know that Wheelers members will continue to lend a hand as required when it’s our turn to host an evening's racing. If you wish to know more about the MIL please contact or check out Facebook where it has its own page.

A Group Sunday 6th June 2021

posted 6 Jun 2021, 11:51 by Site Admin   [ updated 6 Jun 2021, 11:52 ]

Bright and dry conditions prevailed for the Sunday spins which meant large numbers out once again for both A and B groups. The downloaded routes to Garmins, Wahoos & other bike computers were really needed for the A group's voyage into deepest Offaly. After we turned left off the old N6 a few Km outside Kilbeggan most of us found ourselves on roads we had never been on before. We knew we were headed for Clara and after a few twists and turns, we got there. Straight onto Tullamore for the coffee break with about 57 Km done at this point. The return leg brought us on back roads over Derrygolan and eventually into Tyrellspass. As soon as we were on the familiar N52 and home was now less than 20 Km away the speed started to creep up and lads were watching for someone to ‘break’. When enquiries were made as to who took the honour of being the first Wheeler home on the day, conflicting reports flowed in so we call this one a split decision! Overall there was a little over 100km completed at over 33 kph average. Impressive figures. Well done to everyone.

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